Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Reflections

A couple of days ago, I came across a post from Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl (

I liked her post a lot, and I liked the questions she posed and the things they made me think of. So today, I'm going to share my answers to those questions with you:
1. Because it’s the near year, what’s something that’s better after the newness has worn off?
Flannel sheet or pyjamas. They have that stiff, starchy feeling before they're washed the first time; then they take on a lovely, comfy softness.




2. What dish do you always go back to get seconds (even when you know you shouldn’t)? Easy one - homemade macarroni and cheese. I seldom make it (because of its dangerous appeal and magical weight gaining qualities!). But I made some at the end of November and I still think about it --- and that's kinda weird and sick and scares me somewhat!

3. In 2009, who made you laugh the most? My good friend Eva makes me smile a lot. And there were one or two blogs that I always looked forward to reading because they never failed to crack me up:

- and Lynn at For Love or Funny is usually great fun and much funny!

4. What is one healthy food you really, really like? I love salads, especially Greek with black olives and a little feta. And I also love smoothies for breakfast (I make mine with plain yogurt and a touch of maple syrup); and I have them at least twice a week.
But I ADORE swiss chard!!! And it's super healthy for you. (Perhaps not quite so healthy when you add the real butter and splash of white vinegar!) This time of year, it's pretty expensive in Nova Scotia. So, I only buy it when I know I'm going to eat alone. Then I can pig out and eat all of it myself.
However, WARNING labels should be posted though for those who haven't eaten swiss chard before! Do not be alarmed by the color of what you see in your water closet comode! You are not bleeding! It's really quite natural!

5. On what date do you think 2010 will no longer feel like the ‘new’ year? I'm not sure when a new year feels old to me: so far this year, 2010 hasn't really felt all that "new". But I've taken down the Xmas decorations, and the house is clean and organized and "back to normal", so to speak; so, I guess I'm going to say January 3rd is when the new year is not new any more!
Now it's your turn to share with me. What do you have to say about these questions?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so agree about the flannel. I love it in the winter time. And I'll be checking out those blogs you recommended. We always need a smile or two for sure. Yours always make me smile too! Have a great Wednesday!

Chris said...

Hi Sandy!

Fun post!

Hey, I love swiss chard too! Only difference is I eat it with real butter & a splash of soy sauce! I'm pretty sure the soy counteracts the calories in the butter...LOL!

The Garden of Egan said...

That is so good. I'm going to have to check out these blogs.
Thanks for posting.
I always look forward to coming to yours as well.

Nezzy said...

It's fun to feed someone swiss chard and get the reaction later when they think they're dyin'. Just hearin' that "oh my gosh, I just peed blood" echoing from the commode cracks me up. Ya' ALWAYS make me smile girl!

Have a fantastic day!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Loved this post! I love chocolate! Oh, wait a minute, it's not really a health food.

Gail said...

Flannel, my favorite.

ethelmaepotter! said...

1. I doubt that I would have thought of it, but I totally agree about the flannel sheets and pjs.
2. lasagna
3. Willadean
4. dark chocolate (Hey, they've just released a study that says it's VERY good for you!)
5. March 4. My Daddy always said this was the day to forget about the old year, as the date tells us to "march forth!"

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Ethelmae - March 4/march forth! That's great! I'm gonna use that from now on. (Tell your dad thank you.)

Eva - YES - chocolate is a health food! Just think how many of us would be unhealthy (emotionally, mentally) if we didn't eat it. And like Ethelmae said, dark chocolate is getting better 'n' better for us every day.)

Chris - I'm going to try the low-cal soy sauce next time.

Everyone -- I love you all and appreciate your comments to me and your own blogs.

Teresa said...

Hi Sandy!
Delighted you popped over to Bainbridge via Chris!
And oh so DELIGHTED to call you my 100th follower!
I never dreamed of having 100 followers when I created this blog back in Sept!
Thank you for the thrill!
I love a good salad too!
And feta and olives are a fave!
Happy New Year to you!

Fran Hill said...

Oh, homemade macaroni cheese! I want some NOW.

wendy said...

I liked your answers.
Here are mine in order that you posted them.
1. shoes
2. everything
3. my grandkids
4. all veggies and french fries
5. Dec. 31

have a great day

Deb said...

Hi Sandy
Happy New Year!
I love reading Kate's blog Chronicals of a Country Girl too & seeing pics of her sweet dog George :-). The photo of mac and cheese looks delicious!
Hope you are having a great day.

Cherie said...

OH my #4 made me hungry as I love olives and feta cheese - Yum!!

Great questions and #5 is 1 I am still pondering. That's a good thought question! I guess it depends on how busy life gets.

Nishant said...

We always need a smile or two for sure. Yours always make me smile too!

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