Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it spring yet? Huh, huh! Is it?

I am getting so excited! It's been almost 2 weeks now of little or no snow on the ground, and I can smell spring in the air. Never mind that it's still below zero at night and I had to scrape the car yesterday morning. I can smell it, people!! I can smell it!!!

I'm telling you -- I'm like the "Hound of the Easter-Baskervilles"when it comes to smelling things moving underground and birdies coming back from Capastrana (or wherever it is they go for the winter [wish I was them]). I wanna run outside side and find me a dirt road so I can play hopscotch! I want to shop for an Easter hat like my Gramma used to buy me! I want to haul out the large vat of Vaseline to shine my patent leather shoes like my mama did! Spring is here!!

And for all those naysayers who can't see the obvious signs of spring all around them, I want you all to remember what the scriptures say about speaking into existence that which IS in the heavenlies -- and I know it's always spring in Heaven! Yes, I joyfully join with the angels singing that the season of hope and new growth is here and the season of death is gone! Hallelujah! I will open the doors and say "Welcome daylight savings time!" "Come in fresh breath of air." "I laugh at you, muddy shoes!" And even though winter may re-emerge to shake it's fist at me, and though it may try it's hardest to dampen my spirits and take the "spring" out of my step, I know it's days are numbered and final defeat is close at hand. I will not be shaken!

All this being said, I know that it's not yet time
to pack away my snow shovel or my wooly hats.
Although I have to admit, I'm often tempted! I
want to take the cover off the barbeque and
bring out the Adirondack chairs and sit with a
fleece blanket and a hot cuppa! I long to go
outside and brush all the dead leaves and
Christmas tree needles off my precious flower
beds to have a better look at how my babies are

doing. Every morning and afternoon, I do an
inspection of the ranks and check to see who's
beginning to peep their little heads up and how
far they've grown since yesterday. Just look at
them over there! I'm so proud!

But I must be careful and I must be patient. Unlike what I'd do with my own human babies if I felt they were oversleeping too much, I mustn't yank off their covers and yell "Get outta bed, you sleepy heads!" Yeah ... they still need their winter protection around them for a few more weeks.

So, until that blissful day when I can don my gardening gloves and bring out the rake, I must amuse myself with planning and dreaming. I'll get out my gardening binder and check the progress of last seasons' plantings. I'll pour over the gardening catalogues and think of new possibilities in color, shape and texture. I'll decide on the next section of my little wilderness to attempt to tame this summer. And I'll sit face-forward in whatever stream of sunlight in whichever room I find, smiling broadly, soaking it in! Ahhh, the anticipation is intoxicating!

Oh dear! Is it snowing outside right now? Oh, yeah!!! Well, you think that's going to get me down? That's just fal-da-rall and fiddlesticks!

Get thee behind me, winter! Spring has sprung!


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