Thursday, October 1, 2020

How I Spent my Covid Vacation!

It's been 7 months since I posted. When Covid hit, my office closed (mid-March) and with no computer at home, it meant no connection with the blogging world. But now I'm back. HELLO!

I'm one of the very fortunate people who spent most of COVID at home with little to no loss of wages. For many months, our office ran on 2 hr a week per employee; then to 4 hr 3X a week; and finally a return to full time hours. 

NL has few cases of Covid-19, mainly due to our provincial government not allowing visitors to our island and to the many Newfoundlanders who have been wearing their masks and social distancing. Even with cases skyrocketing again, we remain very steady with little to no cases. But that doesn't mean we haven't been affected.

The supply of food stocks is sometimes low; for at least 2 weeks during jam/pickling season, it was difficult to find a bottle of vinegar! Our shops are open (with mandatory mask wearing), but there's lots of empty shelves. But, we are able to meet in our "bubbles" (small groups); and our hospitals aren't overrun any longer.

How did I spent my Covid 'vacation'? Well, I had a very clean, organized apartment,
 so I had lots of free time.  I subscribed to BritBox and watched all the old classic Doctor Who programs. I watched a lot sci-fi! And once restrictions began to lift and the weather improved, I was able to get outside to walk .... and garden! The flowers were beautiful this summer.  Although I didn't get to vacation off the Island, I did a 'staycation' and went east to the Burin Peninsula where I'd never been. My cousin joined me; then we both went to her home in St John's for shopping and lovely, lovely, lovely eating!

I'm glad to be back and to catch up with my blogging friends. 

I'm thinking of my U.S. blogging buddies who are entering into a nightmare election during a nightmare pandemnic:  I wish you love, peace and calm. Shalom!


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