Thursday, November 14, 2019

Old Man Winter

Old man winter arrived on the west coast of Newfoundland last Friday with a messy drive home. I was quite happy to nestle inside  and simply admire how pretty it looked later that night.

Saturday morning brought a little sunshine with the snow. So, I ventured outside to visit the local 'Wonderful Fine' market. (Wonderful fine is an old timey Newfoundland saying denoting good health and spirits.) The Market only runs from August to December, so it's one of the highlights of my week. Delicious locally roasted and ground coffee; the ONLY good French macaroon around and lovely crafts and treats. 

One of the vendors, Natura Soap Company, had a 50% off special on their soap-of-the-month, and I'd pre-ordered "One of each, please!" I've enough to last me most of the year (unless one or two find their way into Xmas packages.) Occasionally buying natural products is one of the ways I pamper myself.

I spent a quiet Sunday trying (unsuccessfully) to avert a head cold. I always like to go outside for my morning coffee, no matter what the weather. I was prepared to bundle up and get some much needed fresh air and sunlight .... but when I saw the 10" of snow, I decided I'd just drink it in front of the TV. I snuggled under my fleece blankie and watched Netflix. But I did make myself a really nice dinner: Ginger Orange Glazed tofu (which was really delicious), Japanese rice (my favorite) and some sauteed peppers and mushrooms in soy. One must feed one's body well especially when sick.

November 11th brought intermittent rain and cleared some of the snow. But my head cold kept me from going uptown for the ceremonies. So, I bundled up and sat outside; I closed my eyes and spent some time in silence and gratitude for those who have served and who continue to serve in our military. 

We continue to enjoy sunshine and clearing today and tomorrow. So, with any luck, I won't have to don my snow pants this Saturday for coffee time! 

I hope your weekend is a good one.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Happy November!

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"November comes, and November goes,
      With the last red berries and the first white snows.
With night coming early, and dawn coming late,
      And ice in the bucket and frost by the gate.
The fires burn and the kettles sing,
      And earth sinks to rest u
ntil next spring."

-- Elizabeth Coatsworth (1893–1986)

Image result for Newfoundland long cold winterWhere does the time go! November already! And in spite of our terrible summer here in western Newfoundland, fall has been wonderful with lots of cool, crisp days and no snow. That may change tonight! So today my winter tires get installed on my car, and once again, I begin the descent into Newfoundland's long, cold 6-month-long night!  The abundance of dogberries predicts a cold, snowy winter! 

Image result for hyggeSomehow, my attitude this year is different -- more positive. Winter here always means lots of alone time for me: driving can be very treacherous and we get a lot of snow. Any time school is closed, the office is closed as well.  But I recently dug out some crafting projects and am enjoying quilting and knitting again. I have a stack of unread books and a basket of woolen socks nearby. I'm looking forward to practicing more 'hygge'. 

Image result for i love my chiropractorI've also begun to eat more plant-based foods as well as stretching and light weights (aka soup cans)! As one ages, one's health can so easily go downhill. It's so important to know and listen to your body; your inner voice/intuition is often very wise! I listened to mine recently and gave up taking an acid reflux tablet prescribed by my doctor; and after 3 months, my stomach problems and leg and foot cramping have stopped! My chiropractor cured my acid reflux with 2 adjustments! 

Image result for turning 65 AFI turned 65 last month, but retirement is not in the picture for me for a few more years. I mean, WHAT would I do at home 24/7? Also, I really love my job; I'm fortunate that I can remain here. 

The 60's are proving to be an interesting time! It's scary and frustrating to watch yourself become more wrinkly and more weak; and your body begins to object to certain foods that you've always enjoyed! Scheesch!  But I'm so thankful that my body and my mind tell me to keep moving and learning. I want to have as much life as possible in my years! 

Happy November y'all! 

Remember to dance; 
remember to breathe deeply; 
remember to be easy on yourselves.


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