Monday, January 18, 2010


I was tagged for "Lucky Chinese Tag 8" by Sara at Dream Big ( Now, I have no idea why this is called Chinese tag, but if you don't mind, I'll continue eating this Egg Foo Young which is next to me while I answer these questions. (I'd much rather have "Sum Yung Guy" next to me ..... but then I wouldn't get much typing done!)

8 TV Shows I Watch

  1. Our local Breakfast Television show with Cyril, Maria and Jayson
  2. LOST (final season starts early Feb!)
  3. Fringe (I love Walter Bishop -- played by John Noble)
  4. Criminal Minds
  5. CSI (the original series)
  6. American Idol (while auditions are on)
  7. Masterpiece Theatre
  8. Project Runway


8 Places I love to Eat or Drink

  1. Subway Restaurants (healthy AND tasty)
  2. My Mom's house
  3. Any Eastside Mario's Restaurant
  4. LaHave Bakery in Lahave, NS
  5. My back deck in the summer - especially breakfast OR Sangria night with the girls
  6. Ko's Chinese Restaurant in Bridgewater, NS
  7. Luscious coffee and cake at The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay, NS
  8. Julian's Cafe in Chester, NS


8 Things I'm looking Forward To

  1. Valentine's breakfast at my house with my girls (red glasses, special plates and heart-shaped everything)
  2. Chorale spring season starting tonight
  3. Sitting and mending in my clean house (Question: Will it stay clean until tomorrow night?)
  4. The day after my weigh-in at TOPS (It's my "free" day when I eat whatever I want. Yes, even greasy burgers and fries if I feel like it!)
  5. Spring!
  6. Gardening in the spring
  7. Visiting my Mom & Dad in Nfld this summer; and hopefully, my sister in Hamilton, ON
  8. Spending time with God



8 Things that Happened Yesterday

  1. I went to church. Worship was wonderful and sitting with Laura T was great! Fun and funny ..... and distracting! (She's such a bad influence -- I'm praying for her!)
  2. I wore my gorgeous quilted, high-heel black boots, and I looked sooooo HOT!!! (And upon returning from church, I immediately whipped those bad boys off my feet [and I swear that I could see them visually expanding with relief]; and later, I soaked my poor, tortured tootsies. Beauty is sometimes painful, bloggers!)
  3. I had the whole house to myself from noon to 5 pm. It was blissful!
  4. I watched TV and pinned 5 pairs of pants/jeans for hemming. (Finally! Some of them have been there for a few months.)
  5. I ate the rest of my Chroci "Spicy Orange Delight" bar -- "Bad, bad Sandy!" But how can something soooo good be so bad? (Hey! That makes me want to break into song!!)
  6. Even though it's her job, I did Libby's laundry for her (because she's been working and studying so hard lately). And I took that icky bedspread off her bed (the bottom quarter of which was a combination of black cat hairs and a nasty spot where the cat ?? regurgited food a little.) (I hate mystery stains.) I washed & dried it; remade her bed; and put the neatly folded clean clothes on top (and left the pile of other clothes on the floor for her to deal with). What a good Mommy I am!!! (That's my quota for this month filled!)
  7. I made a spinach salad with homemade creamy dressing and chicken/cheese canneloni for supper. (It was delicious!)
  8. I lay in bed later and watched "40 Year Old Virgin" on TV --- with little snorkly Libby next to me (whining) while I rubbed her head. She has a cold now!



8 Things I Love about Winter

  1. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (8x)!
  2. Snow days -- when it's either too blizzardy to venture outside or when so much snow has fallen that you can't possibly get to work.
  3. Little birdie and animal tracks in the morning's freshly fallen snow
  4. I make lots of lovely soups, stews and chillis along fresh biscuits, scones or muffins.
  5. Dreaming of and planning the gardening for the spring.
  6. Large mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows
  7. Sunday afternoon naps on the couch under a warm throw with the TV on ever so low. (I always feel guilty about doing this in summer when the weather is nice.)
  8. Spring is the next season!



8 Things on my Wish List

  1. More phone conversations with my children
  2. My summer trips to see family
  3. Libby's acceptance into the Nursing program
  4. To continue making enough money to support my family (the daily "bread" that God gives me) AS WELL AS enough extra for the occasional trip to the thrift store or yummy treat with friends (the milk and honey on my bread).
  5. More full-night's sleep (Dang-burned menopause)
  6. Getting a window installed in my front door and having it professionally painted (so it won't pucker and peel every fall).
  7. (To quote Sara) A world without ticks, blackflies and mosquitoes
  8. Seeing my children settled in good jobs and following Christ



8 Words I often Use

  1. Shut-up (said to ME; usually when I've, once again, been singing incessantly and driving myself crazy and can't stop.)
  2. Rats!
  3. Shoot!
  4. Help!
  5. O God!
  6. Yum!
  7. O Goodie!
  8. Stunned!



8 Things I have learned from the Past

  1. This is the only body I have; and I ain't gettin' any younger; and this is probably as good as it's ever gonna be from now on. So, I better take care of it as best I can!
  2. God always takes care of me. (So then, why do I still worry sometimes?)
  3. Mom was right! (Although she could have said it in a much nicer way)
  4. My teachers were right when they said "Sandra should apply herself more to her studies". I am smart and I do have a good mind. (And sowing of wild oats and trouble would have waited until I'd finished school!)
  5. I should not have sold my kids Fisher Price toys even though they'd outgrown them and space was limited. We all miss them!
  6. My Ex wasn't weak like I always thought; he was an extremely gentle soul.
  7. Hating and anger takes a lot of energy and is completely draining.
  8. Asking God to help me forgive does not mean that "I've lost" or "I've given in". It means freedom, peace and contentment; it means smiling, joy and reconciliation.



8 Things I Need/Want

  1. To lose 10+ pounds
  2. To find an ornate picture frame at the thrift store
  3. To have the squeaky bathroom floor re-screwed down
  4. (And while you're at it) To have the bathtub re-tiled
  5. To have a paid dental and medical plan
  6. To get a new computer
  7. To have a massage every week
  8. To have a snack -- I'm getting hungry!



Now I'm supposed to choose 8 other bloggers to pass this on. But I don't like putting anyone on the spot.


So, I leave it up to you. If the spirit moves you, please consider yourself tagged by Doris the Great to share with us your own Lucky Chinese Tag 8.


Just remember to pass the Singapore Noodles!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry but that is WAY too much work, and I'm basically lazy by nature!

Enjoyed reading yours though! I like Project Runway, too!

PhilipH said...

Eight - the Chinese lucky number. I use '8' as the Thunderball on my weekly ticket in the Lotto game thingy. It's never been overly lucky thus far but we live in hope.

I think that I could list things as you have done, simply by being the opposite!

For example, I start to feel more glum than happy as Christmas approaches. I used to enjoy it when the children were so excited by it, but now ... to be honest I dread its coming. So glad when it's over and done with - along with the excessive snow we seem to get around that time.

Ooh, better shut up ... not a happy soul tonight...

Fran Hill said...

I'm too tired to play. But I had a good read of yours. I think you had a good old 'self-evaluation' session there - always a good move at the beginning of a new year.

Wanda..... said...

I especially liked the 8 things you've learned in the past. Makes me like you even more!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Hilarious! I loved getting to know the quirky little you a bit better!
I'm still giggling.

Terra said...

That is a lot of work, answering so many questions, and I enjoyed reading your answers and learning a bit more about you.
Those boots are cute but look painful to wear too long!
Two favorite tv shows at my house are Eastenders and Tudors.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh honey, you SOLD the Fisher Price toys??? The old FP are my grandkiddos favorites. I enjoyed reading your lists!

Have a great day!!!

God bless :o)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, I enjoyed this! Like others, though, it's too much work for me at the moment.
Libby's bedspread? Yeah, as we speak, Charming's comforter is drying, spread out over the piano and cradle in Ariel's bedroom; his sheets and blanket are in the dryer, two pillows are in the washer and two waiting to go in. Not just black cat hair, but Spooky PEED on them! Yes, she did! I can't completely fault her, though. SOMEBODY, not mentioning any names, but it wasn't me and there're only two people who live in this house, SOMEBODY closed the door to the closet where her litter box resides, and I (unknowing) ignored her pleas to open said door, thinking she was simply wanting some food other than the Elegant Medleys she hadn't touched in her bowl.
But I will strongly encourage her to use the bathroom mat, if such a thing such happen again.


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