Thursday, March 24, 2016

A "Shift" in my Time/Space Continuum

Wow! My last post was Feb 3.16, 7 weeks ago. But a lot of changes have happened.

  • New students?  Yup, I knew that would happen. But this time is definitely a little challenging; the young girl from China debates almost everything even the simplest of requests like putting her wet, rainy coat in the downstairs closet as opposed to in her room. Scheesch! But I make the best of it, soldier on and hope it will get better as more time passes and we get to know each other more. (And I AM the boss!)
  • New car? Yup! It was inevitable given the age of my poor "Bruce". I now have a lovely little, brand new 2016 KIA Rio. It's a joy to drive plus it comes with wonderful extras that my 2005 Ford Focus didn't possess in it's last years of life --- things like a radio that gets more than 1 station and heat that actually blows where you want it.

  • Lay off from work? Never saw that coming! And it was handled in such an awful way. Very sad to feel so under-valued and taken advantage of by people who had seemed so nice. Oh well! Better out of there than in!
I went through a few weeks of turmoil and worry, but EI is now in place, and I've found a new job, even if it is only casual at present.  I've been training for Switchboard & Admitting at my local hospital -- just an 8 min walk from home. I've tried a number of times to get hired there;this time, Lady Luck was in my corner.  It's shift work; and there's ohhhhhh, so much to learn, so the shifts are exhausting. But I like it and the pay is great.

I did my first ever night shift last night - midnight to 7 am. At 11:45 pm after putting a good "breakfast" in my body, I walked to work in the dark; I love walking at night. 

Although my eyes were crossing towards early morning, I got through the night with no problem. (Let me just take a moment to say "Thank you, Coffee".) It was beautiful walking home at 7 am:  the sun was coming up and it was fairly quiet except for bird song. I didn't realize they were singing yet, so what a wonderful surprise it was! See that sky though? "Red sky in morning, sailors take warning!" We're in for it on Good Friday; ice pellets changing to rain later.

This is likely what I'll be doing tomorrow. 
Yup! This is an extremely accurate picture!

Well, except for the kitty at the feet. 
And I'm a little older than she is.
..... And chubbier.
.... And my legs are hairier.
.... And I will have a line of drool from my lips to my 61 yr old, scrunched-up decolletage.
.... And there will definitely be loud snores coming from my mouth.

But other than that, this is an exact picture of me tomorrow!


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