Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Solitary Saturday

Sometimes I intentionally take a day to unplug and decompress. Saturday past was one such day. While Xmas was lovely, life is stressful for everyone, and I think we must all be feeling the strain.

I took an early morning walk on my favorite trail. We've some snow, but the trails are packed nicely from walkers and snowmobilers so it's easy walking. I almost had the trail to myself, passing just one other couple and a guy with his friendly pup. I stopped at the trickling brook just to hear the water; and I had a small conversation with the snow people about how lovely the weather was and isn't it nice to be surrounded by such beauty.

Back home I stretched and yawned and made myself a hot chocolate (with just a splash of Carolans Irish liquor) and did some coloring. I gifted myself a can of gourmet chocolate at Xmas, so it was a most delicious cup!  

I read a little, listened to lots of quiet, folky/type music, made a tuna melt and tried to ignore  Willow howling for a share. I poured the liquid over some kibble and served it to her on a clean dish. It was nap time for both of us after all that!

A rather large piece of Naan served as the crust for a great pizza at supper time. And as I ate, I got all hep up because I was going to rewatch "Cold Mountain" that evening (an essential annual event). But I could NOT find my DVD!(I shouldn't have donated all those DVDs to the SPCA before Xmas! Oops!) So, "Forest Gump" did the trick and made me laugh and cry and almost believe that there are more good people in the world than I come into contact with.

Don't forget to take care of yourself, friends.

Chill, breathe and remember, you are worth it!

(Today I went to my local SPCA and bought back my copy of "Cold Mountain"! Yay! ) 


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