Monday, March 27, 2017

The long and winding road, that leads back to you.

A thank you to the blogging world that has kept on ticking away and posting and has fed me regularly while I've dealt with life. Thank you for taking me into your homes and showing me your latest projects. Thank you for giving me ideas for dinner, lunch, snacks. Thank you for telling me about your latest thrift bargains (and I must admit some jealousy here). And thank you for keeping me laughing.

The funeral is over with. I'm moved into my new apartment. And my life is returning to some form of normality. I'm loving my new digs -- so quiet and private compared to my last. Now, if only spring would arrive in Newfoundland.

It's always later here; we are quite far north. And I knew that the snow would stay for a while. But these cold temperatures! Man! The past week and a half has been on average -7 deg celsius (19 deg Faren). It's darned cold out there.

But I am in a spring frame of mind. While unpacking recently, I was able to longingly caress my red Converse sneakers. And I found a great hoodie for those soon-to-come early morning walks. I attended an information session last Saturday on our community garden; and despite my being on a wait list, I've been planning my 4' x 16' plot and thinking of how wonderful it will be when I have fresh spinach and chard. Ahhhhh!

I am waiting for you. 

Come soon. 


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