Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Happy Fall

Hello to everyone. I've had a busy summer with lots of activity. Here are some highlights since I last posted.

My daughter's wedding in Punta Cana in late May was amazing -- hands down the best vacation I've ever had. A lot of it was the venue, the food and the water, but if I hadn't been with such wonderful people (such as my Possee above), it wouldn't have rocked quite as much. 

In July, I introduced my brother, the outdoorsman, to the joys of hiking Newfoundland when I took him to one of my favorite places, Southhead Lighthouse. It was a wonderful hike, and I really appreciate that he takes the time afterwards to 'sit in gratitude for the beauty around us', as he says.

However, these near-65 year old knees really objected to the hike back down the mountain; and I was out of commission for epic hikes until Labour Day weekend when he invited me to his cabin. 

That's when he introduced me to Serpentine Lake, one of the areas around his cabin. Although he's been to this area on snowmobile in the winter, it was the first time he'd hiked it. And it did NOT disappoint. It was a magical hike, full of clear, clean babbling brooks, meadows of NL Pitcher Plants and copious amounts of moose droppings! My knees didn't mind the more gentle slope of this climb.

This was our view at the end of that hike. Wow! I kept thinking of Lord of the Rings and how the golden hills reminded me of Rohan; I could just imagine Gandalf riding down to save the day at Helm's Deep!

The following day, we joined some friends and took the quad to the same location; but this time, we traversed brook and stream and rocks and boulders to find the hidden falls. It was another wonderful day trip.
A happy man and his quad!

Since then, the weather has decidedly taken a turn towards autumn. Although the days are mostly warm, I had to turn my furnace on the other night. 

You won't catch me with a pumpkin-spice anything, but you will find me in cardigans and sneakers and continuing my march through the wilderness in search of colorful leaves ......... any day now.

Happy unofficial Autumn, everyone!


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