Saturday, August 12, 2023

The arrival of August


For those of us in western Newfoundland, August has brought with it cooler temperatures and a few rainy days. The garden has been beautiful all summer; the roses are almost gone now, but that little bush has had so many blooms and has been beautifully fragrant! 

And after living with the newly painted 'Persian Cat' white walls in my cottage for over a month, I have come to the conclusion that I don't care for just white. I need some colour! The committee had given me half a can of blue paint so I could paint the closets; but there was enough to also paint 2 of the walls in my bedroom . Ahhh! Much better.

I found a can of mis-tint blue/grey paint for 50% off at the local hardware store which I used to paint the hallway wall that entends into the living room; and then using the Persian Cat paint, I stencilled that wall in a mandala pattern. I'm really pleased with the result. (I ordered the stencil off Temu; but since then, I've heard such horror stories about Temu! All has been fine so far for me. But had anyone had a negative experience with them?)

I found the wave painting at the
local Sally Ann for $10.

I used to use stencils back in the 80s; it's a great way to add colour or just interest to a space. Have you ever tried it? In the meantime, I have lots of other decorating ideas on my list. But I need to pace myself as up-and-down on step stools and lifting my arm overhead to paint takes a toll. So, those ideas will wait until fall.

My daughter and I went to see the Barbie movie last week, and we loved it. Have you seen it yet? I loved that it was full of positive feminist messages and was so funny and fun. Also, I recognized some of the clothes from my eldest daughter's 1980's Barbie: Ken's shiny silver jumpsuit from the dance scene and those matching hideous multi-coloured roller skating suits. Hahaha! 

I'm still walking Rusty's Run every day. But I decided to walk to the beach once day, about 45 min each way. Getting there was fine; but even after sitting for an hour, the walk back was really difficult and I think I overworked my calf muscles as I was sore for a few days. I guess I really do have to listen to my doctor's advice and stick to 30 minute walks. Well, most of the time anyway! 😜 đŸ€·

The raspberry u-pick has just opened up. So this week, I'll probably make jam. And bread 'n' butter pickles are also on my to-do list. I've run out and am missing them a lot.


I hope it's cooler where you are now and that you get to enjoy the rest of summer.

Namaste, y'all!


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