Monday, November 2, 2015

Rabbit, Rabbit! and Sci-Fi

Rabbit Rabbit everyone.  Another month has passed and this steam-punk bunny is here to say "Not so fast! Before we get to November, tell me about how you spent this last weekend of October 2015, Sandy."  Well Bunny, I spent it with my daughter at Hal-Con Hal-Con, a sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention held in Halifax NS and run completely by volunteers.

Although I've always known I was weird, I've only just begun to realize I am also a bit of a geek ...... with my lifelong love of Doctor Who, my recent addiction to The Walking Dead and my ever-growing addiction to sci-fi. This was my first Hal-Con, but it sure won't be my last.
Here's Molly and I getting our own steam punk on with these gorgeous hats. A bit too expensive for our pocket-books, but they sure are inspirational for next year.

In spite of the fact that I really know nothing about gaming, my tour guide did; she would point to people dressed up and tell me what game they were from. I loved checking out all the vendors -- people selling furry clothes, chain-mail clothes, elven ears ($$$), jewellery, etc etc. I did buy myself some Tardis earrings, an earth-pic necklace and some books. But I mostly loved just viewing who (or what) was walking around and their own personal rendition of their favorite character; home made costumes abounded and it was fascinating to see what was used in their making! Also, every time I asked permission for a picture, they stopped and immediately posed.

On the left is a couple in steam-punk cosplay. (It was encouraging to see the different age groups.) And on the right are a cute couple of girlies from some video game; I saw them several times throughout the building, always carrying their trays of colorful cocktails. 

Dr Who was represented several times. This young man on the left is obviously a Tom Baker fan, Doctor #4, I believe. And on the right is King Renley from Game of Thrones (may he rest in peace).

This elf really impressed me. She made her own costume, wore a beautiful bow and home-made leather arrow case, had lovely pointed ears and a narrow little circlet of golden leaves round her head with a gem in the middle. Molly and I saw her at a panel we sat in on; she was right across the aisle from me. And while we were listening, she must have been hungry because I noticed her take out a green packet tied with twine. When she untied it, I realized the green were leaves and inside it was lembas bread -- just like in Lord of the Rings. Wow! Now that's dedication to the cosplay!

But in spite of the beautiful costumes and the variety of characters depicted, my favorite of the whole day was this most beautiful of all the woodland elves, my daughter Molly. Ya know, it's wonderful to find at my age that I can share this new-founded common interest with my gorgeous geekie daughter. 

The family that's cos-plays together, stays together? Yeah! It sure creates some wonderful memories.

We got to eat a couple of great meals together, and I got to go thrifting the next day before I headed home to once again become a responsible employee and mother to internations.  

But I've got a whole year to get a few costumes together for next year's Hal-Con. 

Have you ever been to a sci-fi convention?


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