Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Summer Solstice

My heart has been heavy for the past week with the horrific news reports of what happening to immigrants and their children in the U.S. Now that we at least know families will be kept together from this point forward, I feel a little less sad. But, of course, there has been no report on reuniting families that have been torn apart already. My heart breaks and my head is reeling with anger at this. I am so sorry for my American neighbours. But as there is little I can do here in Canada, I sit and wait for some semblance of humanity to surface in those responsible for perpetrating this crime. And I pray. 


And then I turn my focus to my work (there's always some issue to advocate for or against at a women's centre); and I turn my focus to my children (one is currently visiting Tokyo so I'm living vicariously through her); and I look for joy in the little world closest to me. 

I've had some stellar evening walks! It's finally warming here in western Newfoundland with perfect temperatures for walking. Last evening's loop took me past the seaside with the sound of the gulls and the waves gently lapping (and the occasional car speeding past) and then through the forested former rail line with birdsong and the scent of flowers .... and barbeques! Yum!

Beauties found in the ditch along the way. 
Last night, I took an especially long walk to clear the cobwebs and dust out of my head. (Literal dust: there are renovations happening at the office, and I eat dust in spite of the mask I wear.) I also just wanted to leave the big work to God while I enjoy His creation. Then I came home, put dinner in the oven and turned on some Buena Vista Social Club to listen to while I soaked in a lavender and epsom salts bath. 

Yeah! That did the trick!

Friday, June 15, 2018

She said Yes to the Dress!

I had a wonderful time last weekend in St John's. Coming from NS where the finer things in life were readily available to me and moving to CB where it's meat 'n' potatoes and the necessities of life, the trip was an enormous tonic to my foodie soul. Sharing it with family was icing on my cake.

We 2 mums were with our two 20-something daughters, so we did our best to keep up, fueled by a big breakfast and a big supper with  coffee and water in between; but it was so exciting and fun that no felt hungry until we stopped each day. We did breakfast at Chez Cora and Rocket (where I also bought a delicious loaf of whole grain sourdough bread to bring home). We ate at Swiss Chalet one night and had an epic evening at Jack Astors another night: St John's is known for it's colorful row houses (left picture), and I was so tickled when I visited the ladies room to see that they'd paid homage to this with the toilet stall doors that I had to snap a picture to share (right picture).

We'd start each day with bridal salon appointments and end up in the malls mid-afternoon. I even managed to fit in a few hours at my beloved Value Village where I scored some treasures. I got to eat Laura Secord ice cream (pistacho/almond and double chocolate together!); and I got myself a Starbucks. I loved the ice cream. But surprisingly, I found that I could have done without the Starbucks and chocolate buttercream cake from Rocket; my months of eating healthy is helping me get over my sugar monkey. Hurray! (And don't worry, there are lots of other fattening, unhealthy foods that I'm still addicted to!) 

But OH! THE BRIDE! She tried on so many dresses; and each salon had a front runner. But #3 salon - Kathy Evans -  was the winner, with a gorgeous beachy, sparkly gown that came in under budget and, as my mum would say, "fit her like a smack in the mouth". Yes ...... I cried and so did her mum-in-law! I'll share some of the runner-up gowns here, but the winning dress is a secret!

 We celebrated that evening with pizza at our Air B'n'B and a bonding evening of hilarious board games as we raised a glass or 2 to a beautiful bride-to-be and a successful shopping trip. 

I loved this vacation weekend with it's over-indulgence, late nights and exhausting day-long trekking. But ohhhhhhhhh! How good to be back to regular meals and sleeping in my own bed. 

This weekend promises to be a sunny one here on the west coast of NL. And the weather man says there will be a turn for the better weather-wise next week with spring being here and summer on it's way! 

Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Perks of Being a Mother

My health regime has been paying off wonderfully. So far, I've lost my evening heartburn, most of the arthritis pain in my hands, some of my back pain AND a total of 14.8 lb! Skirts and pants are fitting me well again, and I'll have to replace some of my blouses and shirts as they're now too big. I haven't cut anything out (I don't believe in diets), but I'm eating healthy food and paying attention to what my body says. For instance, it complains quite loudly when I eat too many carbs: so I limit my bread and pasta intake to a couple of times a week. It's really sluggish and achey when I eat sugar: so although I haven't cut sugar completely out of my diet, I save that intake for high-quality or homemade items worthy of indulgence. And this weekend, I shall get to indulge myself. 

My youngest daughter, her future mother-in-law and I are headed across the province to shop for her beach wedding next summer. We'll have a day and a half of dress appointments and a day for personal shopping and food indulgence. I'm so excited to sit in a (comfy?) chair for hours at a time to repeatedly watch my baby try on white gowns so that I can cry! 😂 (I do hope there'll be lots of tissues ... and a little champagne provided!) I'm pretty stoked!

The next few days are, of course, devoted to my baby and her shopping expedition. But I've been assured that we'll have a day that's put aside for our own personal shopping desires. Value Village is on my list, more for the thrill of the chase than need. And next on my list is Sephora, the only place I can find my desired brand of mascara. 

After that, my thoughts go to the various wonderful food establishments that this coast is missing. I'm dreaming of a Starbucks coffee, a few loaves of good sourdough bread from George Street Bakery, and breakfast at Rocket Foods

That plus the opportunity to spend 4 whole days with my baby should make for a wonderful extended weekend .... no matter what the weather should bring here in Newfoundland.

I hope your weekend is a great one too!


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