Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Hello December!

Look at this sunrise! It's so difficult to dress for work when you just want to drink coffee and look at the sky. We are experiencing very mild weather; while there's a sprinkling of snow on the mountains, the ground remains bare (hurrah!) and the forecast today calls for 14 deg C (58 deg F). Wow! I am totally up for wearing street shoes as opposed to heavy boots! 

Because of our strict adherence to self-isolation and mask wearing, the Atlantic provinces have had few Covid cases; 35 province wide and 8 locally, all self-isolating. We remain cautious and (mostly) courteous with each other. We can shop and eat in restaurants (6 ft apart), and gather in groups of 20. 

My favorite was spicy & had an egg on top!
One of our biggest local Xmas fundraisers 12Months12Miracles/ had to be altered this year, and someone came up with the brilliant idea of having a burger month competition. Fourteen restaurants got onboard for Best in the West Burger. There were regular cheeseburgers, greek burgers, spicy, mushroomy, eggy, messy and even a moose burger. And instead of the usual $2,500 raised to help bring Xmas to needy people, over $10,000 was raised! Being an upstanding member of society, I did my best and tried 7 burgers (1 burger 3X). I tempered all that delicious red meat and cheese with lots of salads and walks.

As well, my middle daughter moved here from NS on the 11th with her sister. I have now become a cat mom as her sister has 2 dogs and that just wouldn't go well. Willow is a lovely tempered cat, short-haired so there's very little hair, and other than the 2 feathered birds (which were quickly moved to the top), she's not too bothered with the Xmas tree. Poor little thing was abandoned when Molly found her and has huge issues with food insecurity. Sometimes I actually get 2 hours between demands; scheesch! So, I now have to plan my visits to the kitchen in the evenings in order to minimize the 'dancing round the cat' routine. Hahaha!

Contrary to what I thought about living the slow, calm life of a senior, life is a constant state of flux. But ya know, that's not all bad. Christmas should be just a little more jolly this year with one more daughter at the table.

I hope you are all safe and well.


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