Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hello March and lazy Thursday

Newfoundland has been back on Lockdown Level 5 for almost 3 weeks now; the East coast had a major breakdown of a Covid variant and, as always, we are extra cautious here. For me, it's meant working 'from home', but there's not a lot I have to do outside of the office. So, I've been mostly helping pack for both daughters moving -- one into a new home and the other into her first NL apartment. I've been busy! (And what a good, if somewhat tiring, way to declutter!)

But today is one of those lazy days. Snow is gently falling outside with enough accumulation to keep one inside and off the roads. I spent a few hours this morning in a zoom meeting. And now no one requires my attention until Saturday. 

Spotify is playing softly in the background, Benny Goodman's "Where or When". Milk was heated, starter added, and yogurt is in the pot for the next 8 hours. And the veggies are chopped for lentil soup. 

I'm working on a baby quilt for my daughter; So, I do believe that the remainder of the day will be spent on the couch with my needle and a little Doctor Who or some other British production. 

I hope your day is just as laid back and that you find a bit of peace and contentment in your day.


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