Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Sale Weekend

There were 4 different plant sales in the area today. I got lots of lovely shrubs and flowers that I've been looking for. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, so in between pot luck at church and dinner with the international students, I may get a little gardening done.

I also got some treasures at the yard sales.

These 4 adorable side plates at 25 cents each.

Another pretty cup & saucer; this one for $2, but I really liked the birds.

Remember how much I love sparkle and shine? Well, here are 4 napkin rings for 25 cents total.

A pretty little gel candle - brand new, still in it's packaging for 50 cents.

A 1959 Rupert Annual for 25 cents for the girls vintage book collection. (We used to read these together when they were young). And another bird house for the garden for 50 cents.

And I couldn't make up my mind which color sandles I likes best. So, for $2 a pair, I got both.

I had a great cup of coffee and a blueberry scone while plant shopping from Joanne's of Mahone Bay (I'll highlight her shop some blog!). And a delicious b'bequed hot dog at the Girl Guides yard sale.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friendship Seeds!!

In my blogging travels, I've been really happy to find and follow the blogs of fellow Nova Scotians. I've been even happier to come across one lovely blogger, Sara at Dream Big , who is practically on my doorstep! This past week, we met for the first time when she dropped in for a quick visit. AND she brought me the sweetest gift.

SEEDS! for my garden from her garden, all packaged in individual envelopes with pictures and information on the outside.

Isn't this one of the most thoughtful gifts for a fellow gardener! I'm so blessed.

It's been a cool and overcast week, and they call for rain tomorrow. But I'm hoping that the weather will clear up this weekend at least long enough to get them in the ground. And despite the lack of full-sun positions in my gardens, I think they'll do fine here. (Then in the fall, I'll have to collect the seeds and hopefully be able to "pay it forward".)

Thank you, Sara.

Thrifty Purchases

While I was sorting through things to prepare the deck for summer, I came across these other 2 purchases I made last weekend under the clothes I bought. I thought you'd like to see them.

This is such a pretty little hanging ornament, I guess you'd call it. Kind-of like a chandelier without the lights. It's about 6" in diameter; and I thought it would look really great hanging from the pergola on the deck next to my little lights. Plus it was only $1.00!

And I love this little Easter tablecloth -- my most expensive purchase of that day at $3.99 + tax.

Happy thrifting this weekend bloggy friends!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Thrifty Weekend

Friday's shopping trip to the city took in 2 Value Village stores, the Salvation Army Thrift Shop and Home Sense. Then on Saturday, I went to a couple of awesome yard sales. I won't show you the clothes I got on Friday (I suspect not everyone will share my fashion tastes) or the plants I bought on Saturday (at least, not until I show you my updated garden shots).

I was mostly focused on purchasing for the garden or the deck. But I did get a few other items.

Here's a little birdhouse for 50 cents, a small resin planter with a blue dragonfly on it for another 50 cents; a pretty thermometer for yet another 50 cents; and a moth-shaped tea light holder with pretty glass beads for $1. And all of this is placed on my new $1 each placemats from the Dollarama! Very summery feeling!

I was stoked to be the first one to find this stepping stone for the garden for $2 -- never used and still in its package! The next item is called a "friendship ball"; I've admired them at boutiques for a couple of years, but their $25 plus price tag kept me from buying one. I picked this one up for $6.98 + tax; again, you can't really see the colors (too bad) but it's blue with splotches of darker blue, green, red & yellow.

This painted wooden plaque with pegs is cute, and it features "The Matthew" in a Newfoundland harbour town: bought by me for $1.98 plus tax! And the lovely embroidered "Home is Where the Heart Is" was overlooked by many but scooped up by me for $2; I want to repaint the frame.

I picked up these great gardening books for $2 each. Lots of good reading and great ideas in there. And I also got about a dozen old gardening magazines and a cute little file tote to stack them in.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keji Adjunct

We had a fabulous day trip to Keji Seaside Adjunct on Saturday!
I packed a picnic lunch, a blanket and the sun block; and the four of us set out at 11:30 am -- myself, my daughter Molly, my lovely Colombian daughter Sarita and her friend Ivy. After about an hour's drive, we arrived at the Adjunct, parked the car, and began our hike. The weather was perfect for a hike -- about 15 deg C (not too warm, not too cool) and just enough of a slight breeze to keep the bugs at bay!
We decided to take the longer hike (6.2 km around Port Joli Head from the "You are Here" arrow to the "Harbour Rocks"). It took us along pebble paths and boardwalks through the marsh where we heard birds and saw wild primrose and Pitcher plants.

We reached a wonderful beach strewn with rocks of every size, some that sparkled and glistened in the sun. Sparkle and glisten always attracts me! And I like to bring home a rock from wherever I go for my garden. So, I picked up a small platter-shaped one - very pretty black with flecks of silver and gold. Molly then began to search for heart-shaped rocks. (She found a few smaller ones and then a lovely good sized one that we wrapped in the blanket and carried the rest of the way back. We called it "the baby"!)

We spent at least half an hour scrabbling around on the rocks, looking at the sea snails and small fish in the tidal pools!

Our walk took us through more marshland, past more rocky beaches and small ponds. We saw at least a dozen other people, but we meandered so it was quiet and peaceful.

At one point, a weasel ran swiftly in front of Ivy, causing her to scream and Sarita to collapse in laughter.
We ate our picnic at the remains of a shepherds hut while we watched a lobster fishing boat in the bay. The food tasted sooo good!

Then we walked along a lovely forest path. At one point, we came across 2 very fat porcupine in a fir tree eating some of the new buds. They were pretty laid back and kept eating while we got a few pictures.

The last portion of our walk brought us to another beach - this one with a small sandy patch between the rocks. You could look through the viewer to see the seals that often sun themselves on the rocks in the bay. And on a really good day, you might even spot a whale!

Another 2 plus km took us back to the car. We drove back home on the old highway, past beautiful beaches and pretty little villages. And, of course, no day trip can be complete without ice cream -- Chunky Monkey and Death by Chocolate got my vote!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A month or so ago, I won a draw from my blogger friend Shauna at and a couple of days ago, my book arrived.

What generous people there are in Bloggy World. Thank you Shauna. I'm looking forward to reading this!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I just received my very first award from Anita at Rollercoaster Days

Thank you so much Anita! You're a gem!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen, my good friend ..... Mr Television!

Yeah --- so look. I'm almost 55, and I'm (happily) single. My children are growing up and leaving the nest (see the tears amidst the huge smile?). And if you've been reading my posts, you already know that my body is giving me not-so-subtle signs of slowing down.

Gone are the years of rushing hither and yon pursuing various interests and flights of fancy! Gone are the days spent in the endless pursuit of knowledge --and the safest way to have the most fun while remaining legal! Gone is the time spent on late nights and numerous bottles of vino! These days, I must pick and choose the things on which to spend my time and energy. And this is based not just on interest level and availability, but on the degree of importance I put on it and whether I would have enough down-time in between these activities.

"Me-Time" is of utmost importance now-a-days. I not only enjoy it, but I need it. I need it in order to function at the highest level of health, efficiency and personal satisfaction that I can achieve. I need it to refresh and rejuvenate!

Me-Time has many forms:

Time for exercise (which includes my passion for gardening).

Time spent with God in prayer & worship.

Time for the occasional massage.

Time to savor of a good glass of wine or a great piece of chocolate.

Time spent just being alone.

But there's one thing that I indulge in almost every day -- television!

Not only do I watch television almost every day, but I fully admit that I can be a little manic about about missing "my shows". "What!! The VCR didn't tape! Who got voted off Survivor? What happened with Jack & Kate & Sawyer on the island?"

My eldest daughter has been known to make fun of me and my obsession with TV. My foreign student quietly laughs as I head for the couch every evening & pick up the TV guide (which is highlighted with my favorite programs as well as any that look interesting). But you know what:

I ain't appoligizin' about it no more -- SEE!!

(The above line should be read in your best Jimmy Cagney accent.)
No more feeling ashamed or telling myself that I could go for a walk instead. I've put in 54+ years, and I'm still workin' hard; and if I want to sit on the couch and watch TV, I'll do it!

And you know what? I like Mr TV. He's a fairly reliable friend who does his best to entertain and enlighten. Sure he can monopolize my time if I let him, but I always feel more relaxed after I've hung out with him. And what's more, I love having the opportunity to be transported to someone else's world - a world I've chosen to visit. I love the imagination shown by the creators of shows like Fringe or Lost; I love visiting the past thru Masterpiece Theatre; I love the strength and/or endurance and/or ambition and/or ugliness of humanity that I see on Survivor. I love peeking into other people's houses and viewing their furniture or color choices thru the various decorating shows. It's good, cheap, harmless fun. And Mr TV demands nothing in return from me.

So wadda-ya say! How many of you out there have a closet relationship with Mr Television as well. Are you woMAN enough to admit it! I double dare you!!

Thrifty Purchases

Yard Sale season in the Maritimes is slowly starting up. There were just a few small ones on Saturday, but here are the goodies I found.

4 teacups and saucers for 50 cents each -- perfect for early morning tea on the deck this summer!

A pretty vintage enamel tray for 50 cents --that will hold the breakfast fruit.

A carnival glass dish for $1 -- for the fresh rolls or scones!
(I make wonderful scones, if I do say so myself; you should try my Maple Pecan!)

A pretty ceramic tile to use as a trivet for the teapot, and a little clay bird to keep me company.

And this lovely necklace, bracelet and stud earrings in the little gauze bag -- all for just $1!

Because while enjoying breakfast on the deck on a lazy, hazy Saturday in August, One should always be "be-jewelled", have your make-up on, your hair coiffed, and be wearing your silk mules and prettiest penoir set!
N'est pas, mes amis?

I'm lucky if my face is washed and there's no spaghetti stains on the nightie!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden - Part 2 of Phase 1

I've been gardening on the past 2 weekends and am almost finished with Phase 1 of my side garden. This is a long weekend in Canada, and traditionally, Victoria Day weekend is the beginning of gardening season here. The chance of frost is over and we can bring out the more delicate plants.

Welcome to the front entrance (and please excuse the steps -- they're on my list of "Things to Paint/Stain this Summer!"). I've begun my planters, but still have to finish my window box and fill in a few more planters that will be spread around the back deck and lawn.

I put in a small side garden last summer and, as you see in the pictures below, I've extended it. I had a small load of gravel brought in and used half of it for the garden path. I also added another small plot next to the brook.

The pic on the left was last weekend; the pic on the right, this weekend. I try to be a frugal gardener; so I use bits and pieces of what I have around the property or what I find at yard sales (or by the side of the road). Hence the plastic lawn edging, rocks, logs, ceremic tiles, stepping stones, bits of asphalt, etc.). And I keep moving plants around as I get new/different ones; they don't seem to mind and it's all part of my learning and my own personal garden-growing process!

Isn't it amazing what difference a little weeding and mulch makes from one picture to the next! I used red dyed cedar mulch last year but found it too garish; this year, I bought brown. But alas, the jury is still out on my opinion of what color is best.

Here's a close-up of the plot by the side of the brook. Just out of sight at the bottom right of the picture I have a bench. I sat there today to make a list of what plants I want to finish my planters. It was overcast, but the brook was bubbling & birds were singing -- it was lovely!

Just for fun, here's a close-up of Mr Froggy (waiting for the False Sunflower to get large enough to hide under) and someone I'd like to be more like - my lounging garden gnome! Can you also see a fairy next to the tree watching the foxglove grow?

My wrists insist I take a break at least from the shovelling of gravel; so for the next week, I'll content myself with dreaming and planning. Now, I think it's time for a glass of wine and an wonderful bubble bath!


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