Thursday, January 3, 2013

A good way to begin the new year!

I awoke on January 1st to a quiet house -- babies all gone and only Elly at home but fast asleep.  This was the best Christmas I've ever had; and although I'm sad to see my girls leave, returning to "normal"  is okay.  After all, how can you miss someone and enable your heart to become fonder if they don't go away?  

I had a leisurely breakfast with my feet up on my new red storage ottoman, reading "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie", the warm winter sun bright and reflecting off the snow outside.  That's a good way to begin the new year.  

Then I  perused my Value Village shopping from the day before.  Two new pairs of shoes for under $20!  That's a good way to begin the new year!  

I shed a tear or two as the tree and all the Christmas trimmings came down and the usual chatchas came back upstairs.  Indeed, the only nice thing about having to dismantle and pack away Christmas is the fact that things are clean and organized afterwards.  Clean and organized is a good way to begin the new year.

New Year's supper was 떡국 Duk Guk - Korean Rice Cake Soup.    A recipe consisting of a simple fish and beef broth, chopped beef and  disc-shaped rice cakes.  You garnish your soup with chopped green onions, slices of flat-fried egg and chopped Gim (seaweed).  Very quick and easy to make, and a lovely relief from the richness we enjoyed over the holidays.  Plus, eating this on new year's day ensures a year of good luck -- a good way to begin the new year.  

The evening was spent with one more game of Skipbo.  Daughter Molly went incognito as her hair was a mess, so she says! We ate fruit with a really yummy yogurt/sour cream dip (Epicure Berry Dip mix) and drank soda water with ice and lime.  Fun and fresh fruit - another good way to begin the new year.

I like to begin the year as I mean to go:  thrifty shopping, a clean and organized house, healthy eating and fun times with the family.  Didn't I do a good job of it?

Then why am I sitting here at work on my break eating Godiva truffles that somehow found their way into my early morning shopping bag full of spinach and bananas and 2% milk?

Oh well!  Shall we try again, Sandy?  After all, you're only a failure if you give up completely.  And I haven't given up yet.

Trying once again -- a good way to begin the new year!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You had a great start to your new year. I never heard of that soup, but it seems there are many food items that will bring you good luck in the new year if you eat them. Here we had sauerkraut and pork roast. I'm still eating all the left over sweets from Christmas. A piece or two of chocolate is supposed to be a good thing...dark chocolate is my favorite.

Marissa said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start in 2013 Loving the shoes your bought!! Never heard of that soup.. We ate Menudo for New Year its our tradition ..

Pamela Gordon said...

I love Skipbo and every time my daughter and I visit we try to play. That's not very often as she lives in Alberta. Sounds like you had a fun start to the new year. Enjoy!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

After two weeks of constant company, I am now enjoying a quiet, almost empty house. I will miss them all so but I need some alone time now. Now to the dismantling of Christmas, oy vey!

I love your bargain red shoes.

Bonnie said...

Well you are off to a good start! And isn't a bit of chocolate good for the heart? Hugs and a Happy New Year. Bonnie

Lori E said...

January 2nd. I went right to the market and loaded up on fresh vegetables. At work yesterday everyone was eating such healthy food.
Give us a week and we will be back to looking at each others desks to see who has a cache of chocolates lol.
Sounds like you have done everything to get the New Year off to a wonderful start.