Friday, November 15, 2013

Empty Pockets / Full Heart? I'm tryin!

I finished my Christmas shopping on Wednesday by purchasing the gift cards for my kids.  It was a big outlay of ready cash, for me; but I felt pretty good that evening about having it done.  (Well, other than the chocky for the socks.)

Now, I don't know if your car is like the cars I've had/have.  But since I became a single parent, every time I spend any large amounts of money (large for me meaning several purchases over $100) ...... my car hears about it!  
Ears like Dumbo, it has!

I don't make a lot of money nor do I have a lot of savings.  But does my car care?  Nooooooo!  All my cars have only ever been concerned that they get their fair share of the money I seem to be throwing around.  (Not unlike my kids when they were younger!)

That simple little trip to the garage to have the snow tires put on turned into a minor panic attack.  "Breathe, Sandy!  Breathe!"  And at those times, any amount of logic -- like "This is the 1st time you've ever had to lay out money for your good ole dependable 10 year old Focus" -- Well, logic doesn't cut it during those times.  At those times, what a body needs is:
  • a sugar daddy
  • a winning lotto ticket
  • a large vat of wine
  • someone to hold you and tell you everything will be alright
  • a friend who will whine and wine with you
  • 10-20 lb of good quality chocolate 
..... ya know what I mean, right.  You want something to make you feel better.

- I tried crying .......... it didn't work.
- I tried screaming at the heavens ........ it didn't work.
- I tried thinking self-pitying "O Woe is Me!" thoughts ........ it definitely didn't work.
- So, I prayed!  (Why wasn't this my 1st counter-action?)       Then I cried some more.

Then I said, "Okay Sandy.  So what if you don't have a lot of money.  You do have enough to pay for this ... almost!  And yoiu have credit for the rest.  You'll be okay.  Just trust!  And breathe!  Have a glass or 5 of wine this weekend and a nice cuppa in the meantime.  And remember to breathe!"

Did it work?  

Well, not completely.  I still periodically have times when I want to go into my "O Woe is Me" mode.  But overall, I feel calmer about it.  

And I am going through the practice of counting my blessings.   Whenever I think of how financially strapped I am, I remember .......

It could be so much worse.

I think about countries that have experienced devastating calamady in the past few weeks.  I think of those who are really in need.  And then I remember:

I really am a blessed woman!

There.  I'm breathing again.


Bonnie said...

Cars, washing machines, heating units...they all want their fair share. Usually when there isn't a share left to share. Hugs, Bonnie

Jack said...

My daughter's Ford (hers is a Mustang) can smell money, and boy does it love it! But thank you for that poster. Thinking those thoughts has gotten me through many a tight payday, but I never knew the numbers before. Astounding!


You and me both.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have to admit, I also hold my breath when my car is in the shop. I have had no problems with my seven year old Suburu, but it's the "well visits" (tires, breaks, inspections) that make me want to pray.

And yes, we are blessed!

Pamela Gordon said...

Cars, especially old ones, are expensive to keep up. But, we need them and we do the best we can under our circumstances. One of the cars we drive is a 13 year old Ford Taurus wagon. It's hung in there a long time and has been a great car. We are definitely blessed compared to a lot of people in this world. Blessings to you! Pam

sabine said...

Such incidents for certain always arrive in wrong time. Either when you relaxed lean back thinking that this month you will manage to save a small amount or when you already have spent of a lot of money for other things necessary or not. Nothing is safe not ever but the fact that you as a single mom however will manage it.
Many years a similar list was hanging on my memo board telling me what a happy woman I am. And I actually was, mostly. Keep smiling!

WMM said...

I hear you! We have had one of those falls - our 10 year old van finally died, our stove died. I just keep doing the Deepak thing - that I am prosperous, yadayadayada - but I get those panicky moments, too! hang in there!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've been in your shoes many times. I know what it feels like, There has never been any extra left over but still I've squeaked through. Living one day at a time helps and counting your blessings does too. It's then you realized you have things that all the gold in the world can't buy.

Lottie said...

Thank you for posting the poster! One summer when my children were young, we had saved and planned for a camping vacation! Our old station wagon conked out and needed $1,000 work before we left. We were just thankful it didn't break down while on vacation. Thought things couldn't have happened at a worse time until the next Christmas morning when the hot water heater went out. Oh well, like the poster says, some people don't even have a car or hot water or water. We truly are blessed.

Sweet Tea said...

"Perspective" - I think we all wrestle with it from time to time. Love your strategies!!

My Kurves said...

You are so right Sandy. When you least expect it you have to go to the bank to clean out your savings. . .but Thank God you had a bank account! Also, thanks for your comments on my blog. I love reading them.