Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Sealed" with a Kiss!

I think that most people who put up Christmas trees have certain ornaments that are extra special to them.  I've highlighted some of mine in past Xmas posts, so at the risk of being boring, I won't repeat myself.   (At least not today:  I make no promises for when we decorate the tree this weekend!)

Marie from Oak Cottage moved houses in the past year and is missing some beloved ornaments that are, as is usually the case, irreplaceable.  She hopes they aren't lost forever. This got me thinking about people who lose their houses to fire and how it's always the little things that they grieve the most.

I'm not financially able to take vacations to far away places any longer.  But I do try to go somewhere special every few years; and while I'm gone, I buy a Xmas ornament so every year I can relive the happy memories.  My tree also has some unique "ornaments" to commemorate my darling international children -- key chains, cardboard drawings, etc. 

I visited a friend in Cape Breton in the summer of 2012, and we had a wonderful 5 days of hiking and beach walks and relaxation.  During one of our beach visits after a huge storm had blown through a month earlier, we found the beach littered with seal carcases, poor dears!  Not the most picturesque setting, but they didn't smell and it certainly was memorable.  Towards the end of the trip, I found the perfect Xmas ornament -- a glass seal (much like the one here but in brown tones and covered with glitter).   I remember looking at it again when I unpacked ....... and that's the last I saw of it!  It was in a plain brown paper bag, so I'm assuming I inadvertently threw it out with the trash.  Boo hoo!  I've searched everywhere for another pretty seal, but I've had no luck to date.  

I bought a few ornaments during our travels in NL this past summer.  And I'm looking forward to those memories joining the many others that will hang on this year's tree.  But even though I hardly had him for longer than a week, that little seal ornament is still missed! 

I feel for you, Marie!  

What about you guys:  anyone else missing special ornaments?  Tell me about them so we can grieve together.


Pam said...

The only ornaments we are missing are the ones the kitty cats played with!

My Kurves said...

Great post Sandy. I often wondered about the missing memorabilia from those who lost their homes, like the newborn photos, etc. Being hopeful, forgiving and thankful for this season. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

sabine said...

The little seal ornament is so nice, I hope you will find one again.
My Xmas ornaments are the christmas tree decoration I inherit from my father-in-law. It is as old as I and I love it. Nevertheless from time to time it happens that one smashed unfortunately.

Pamela Gordon said...

That's too bad about your seal ornament. I've tossed things out inadvertently before too and felt just sick about it. When we were little my mother had a beat up old bisque Santa that was limp and lifeless but sat in the middle branches of our Christmas tree. When she moved it was sold off with a lot of her things she couldn't take with her to an antique store. I often think about that old Santa at Christmas and wish he was still around.


Boxes with my favorite ornaments have vanished from the attic, lost forever. I'm sorry to hear about your little seal.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The best thing about decorating the Christmas tree are all the memories that are brought to mind.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you do find your little seal. It'll eventually turn up where you least expect it. I'm missing a lot as I gave them all away. I don't decorate a tree anymore. But the nice thing is that someone near and dear to me has them to use. That would be my grandchildren. I do have a bell that hangs in the doorway every year at my house that was one of the first Christmas decorations I purchased as a new bride. It plays Jingle Bells when you pull the string down...It's so old now I'm almost afraid to do so. Nice memories cannot ever really be lost. We keep them safe in our hearts.

Princess said...

I have the same glass seal ornament, I got it from an 'Old World Christmas' dealer in Ontario.. But I think you can order them online for around $10. Gorgeous ornaments they are, and there are ton's of different animals to choose from!