Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RIP Pete Seeger

As you all know by now, Pete Seeger passed away; a great singer/songwriter, a bastion of civil and labor rights, active even in his 90's, influential to so many other wonderful artists, a gentle man with a heart for the people.  

The first time I'd ever heard of Pete Seeger was around 1963/64.  Remember my folks old davenport full of records that I've mentioned before?  Well, besides Elvis, Skeeter Davis and Frank Ifield, there was The Seekers with "If I had a Hammer" and Peter, Paul and Mary giving cudos to Pete for writing "Where have all the Flowers Gone".  And then in later life, the Byrds with "Turn, Turn, Turn".  And because music was and still is so important to me, I'm sure that my early life was impacted by the music of Pete Seeger.   I can actually still recall how I felt when I first heard "Little Boxes" and how it made me think and think and think.  His song list is huge! 

I'd like to say goodbye and thank you to Pete for the years of musical enjoyment and for opening my young mind.  Arlo Guthrie has a beautiful post honoring Pete on his Facebook page. 
https://www.facebook.com/arloguthrie?hc_location=timeline  He's sums it up by saying:

He may have passed away, but he's not gone.
RIP Pete Seeger



Thanks for this post. You brought me back to my teens years with the songs. Especially Where Have All the FLowers Gone and If I had a Hammer!
You made me smile and lightened my day. Sorry that Pete died - he was a genius song master. RIP Pete.

PhilipH said...

A truly unique man and such a superb writer.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I didn't recognize the name but do remember Little Boxes for sure. Amazing how we remember the times of our lives by songs that were sung. Music is definitely a part of our lives and a tribute to a songwriter is worthwhile for sure.

Wisewebwoman said...

I am still most upset about his death, he had an enormous impact on me. I never, ever, lived in a little box because of his song.

And lullabied my kids with Turn Turn Turn.



Wonderful lyrics, indeed.

Aunt Betsy said...

He wrote some of my favorite songs that helped me get through my teenage years. Wonderfully talented man. R.I.P.