Monday, February 2, 2015

New Daughters

Saturday morning driving was NOT fun: quite slippery in some spots but thankfully only rain fell, and as I (and everyone else on the highway) drove very cautiously, we arrived safely at the airport.

Lena's flight left mid afternoon on schedule.  But when the time came for the German students to go through security, the place was awash with tears. In this pic, Lena managed a smile while I could only manage a grimace! And we certainly weren't the only ones crying.  Even with new students, I feel the lack of her presence. She was particularly special.

Paula (Pau) from Colombia had been due to arrive at 2:30 am; but with various delays, she didn't make it until 3 pm.  We drove home, and got up the next morning to head back to pick up Chihiro from Japan. Finally, we are home safely and settled with school supposed to start for them on Wed. We'll see if that happens after tomorrow's predicted storm.  

Aren't they lovely! My new family.
Instead of a lonely, single woman, I am a "new" Mom: and the lack of freedom, privacy and energy that I sometimes experience is always outweighed by the fun, laughter and experiences we'll have together.  

Oh my goodness! Pau calls me Mom! I've heard just a few other internationals do that, but this is my first time. And it melts my heart! And I think I may have heard little, shy Chihiro calling me Mom last night when she went to bed.  Sigh! 

Neither girl speaks much English, but that will come. The next few weeks will be busy ones for them and curious ones for us as a family: figuring out sleep patterns, food likes and dislikes, bathroom times, etc.

But I've a feeling that they're going to be delightful.



Looks like everyone feels right at home. Enjoy getting to know each other.

Marie Rayner said...

I love having a young person in my home. Having Ariana with us since last August has meant the world to us. When she is ready to leave in June we will really miss her.. I think we will be looking for another one or two to grace us with their presence! xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know how you do it, but I'm sure it won't be long and the girls will be at home there with you. Not being able to speak the same language would be a challenge for sure! Hopefully all goes well for you all.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What wonderful, life-changing adventures you must have had being mom to so many girls from around the world.

Duni said...

How exciting to have students from different countries under your roof! I understand, though, how sad you feel each time they go back home. Hope the new girls settle in quickly :)

Jack said...

How rich your life must be with a new family every year! Saying goodbye to that old one, though, that's gotta be harsh.

Our grandson's ex girlfriend is still friends with his sister, and gets around with her to see us now and then. She calls us Grandpa and Grandma. There's something special about a teenager who doesn't have to, doing it, yes?

sabine said...

I am glad you had a save trip and your girls arrived well. They are lovely, both!
Sabine xxx

Fat Dormouse said...

How lovely for you to have these lively teens around - and how great for them to have a welcoming home to live in. It sounds like you're all good for each other.