Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rabbit, Rabbit.

Imagine:  December already! 

I'm sorry for the month long delay in posting:  I've been doing some extensive house purging and dealing with some other things that have left me with little time and no energy.  But I enjoy you all so much, I shan't give up blogging just yet. 

Isn't it marvelous that December is here again. The countdown to Christmas is on.My three daughters will be home.  The gifts are purchased; the menu is planned and cupboards are being stocked; the hoarding of goodies is well underway; thrifted festive duds have been procured; and cheesy music has already rung out in the halls of my wee mansion.

My German student comes from a country where so many wonderful Christmas traditions began AND probably the best Christmas markets in the world happen. I'm sure she's curious about how Canadian Xmas differs, but she knows the drill. I'm looking forward to her teaching me how to bake some German Xmas cookies. (And to her parcel from home coming! Will there be marzipan do you suppose?)

But my Japanese student is so excited at the thought of Canadian Christmas. This, of course, makes the whole thing more fun for me because it's almost like having a child in the house.

  • A tree larger than her? Oh joy!
  • Turkey with stuffing and the wearing of funny paper hats round the table? Great!
  • Upwards of a dozen different kinds of Xmas cookie and squares? Bring them on!
  • 2 weeks vacation from school (and work)? Ahhhh, rest!
  • Boxing week sales in the city with time out for sushi and meet-ups with school friends? Happiness!

And me?  Well, never mind Santa; I'VE got a list that I check twice. Scheduling for three people at this most busy time of the year and making time for baking and Xmas movies and such requires precision and a well placed calendar. 

But I'm also smart enough to not do what would over-do me. Moderation and enjoyment together. Also, in between the moments of near-madness, I'll make sure there's resting with my feet up and a cup of eggnog or mulled wine. 

Let the Christmas season begin!


Pamela Gordon said...

It sounds like you are really prepared to celebrate the holidays already and you have 2 kids at home and more coming! I must be getting old or something as I can't seem to get around to all that has to be done. Oh well....as long as it's done by the 24th eh? How fun for your 2 foreign students to be there for Christmas and to enjoy our Canadian traditions. Have fun!

Linda said...

Sounds like your Christmas is on its way to being a fantastic one! Hope all remains well with you and the family and that memories abound!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

HAPPY DECEMBER ! It sounds like you've got everything under control for a very merry Christmas at your house. Those two students of yours should help to make for a very happy time there. Let the good times roll!