Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas in My Little Town ...

This is my little town. 

 It snowed last weekend, and the trees were laden with beautiful, pristine snow. It was so pretty.

We had rain last night, so much of the snow is gone today. But no one in Newfoundland complains about no snow: we manufacture it here!

This was the library and city hall last night as I drove home after our work Xmas dinner. 

I've been in a Christmas-y mood since last weekend when I had my first opportunity to do some Xmas food prep. I made cranberry sauce -- one bottle to share with everyone round the Xmas dinner table at my daughters ..... and one bottle for me to hold on my lap and spoon into my eager mouth between the turkey and stuffing.

I made a traditional German Stollen. I've made the yeast versions many times with great success. But my last German student's grandma sent us stollen; and it was magnificant! This one doesn't use yeast, but it was rich and dense and moist! Yummy! I tried to follow Grandma's recipe as closely as possible. But you cannot buy 'quark' in Corner Brook NL (substitute cottage cheese). And although she doesn't add marzipan (and I adore it), I grated in a log of it. It needs to cure. So fingers crossed that it will be even a fraction as tasty as Grandma Holsts' stollen. 

And then because there was still a smidge of glace fruit and slivered almonds left, I cooked up a few apples and made a sort of poor-man's version of mincemeat. I'm the only one who likes it in my family.

I've started to make dates with myself for baking and my favorite sappy movies. (Do you folks do that?) Trying to get the most I can out of this season!

So, what's on your baking list? Share a recipe (or a link to) if you wish. 



i love stollen. i'm sure yours will be delicious. everything there looks festive and ready for the holidays.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a lovely view of your little town. That would make a great Christmas card. I've been meaning to bake but haven't found the time yet. I will but maybe after Christmas...when things are a bit calmer. I have friends coming on the 30th so may I'll bake something for them.

Susan Clark said...

I love stollen. I think it might be too late to make one now. Making dates for baking is a lovely idea.