Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Passing of Summer

August is going by so quickly and summer is flashing before my eyes as we speak (type?).

Earlier this month, I spent a few days with my brother at his cabin. Oddly, most residents don't spend summer weekends at the cabin;  they travel around the province and go to the cabin in winter! Well, that was fine with me as it was so peaceful and quiet. It was warm but overcast on this late Saturday morning; so after our huge brunch, Bob suggested we take the rubber boats out on the pond. Sure, I thought! I'd love to learn to row.

Well, perhaps others have what it takes, but I certainly didn't! Try as I might, rowing was not to be added to my list of accomplishments. My arms and hands didn't want to work in conjunction with one another; so I spent quite a bit of time going round in circles until my brother took pity on me, attached a line and rowed me to the other side before setting me free to make my own way back. I did eventually make it back to the other side, but little of my rowing was in a straight line. I zig zagged back and forth, stopping periodically to laugh at myself and refuel from my bag of almonds and juice pack as it took longer than was probably necessary! 

It was so lovely on the water! Just the sound of Bob's oars slipping in and out of the water and the occasional loon or woodpecker, the tranquility only broken by the sploshing and splatting my own oars like some drunken, anxious beaver! 

Back onshore, we changed into dry clothes (bums always get wet in rubber dingies). Then we took the radio out on the deck to listen to any Newfie's favorite Saturday radio program, "Big Tom's Shed". They play hits of the 70's and 80's; they also take song request calls from people around the province which can make for a lot of funny calls and a lot of laughs. Then just as we finished pouring a cold, frothy brew, the sunshine came out from behind a cloud as if to say "Sit. Relax. Enjoy."

There we were, sitting in our deck chairs overlooking the calm of the lake, sipping a much needed cold one, deliciously tired after our exertions, the sun warming our now-dry bodies and the dulcet sound of Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" began to play. It was pure magic! One of those moments that I purposely ear marked.

"THIS is what life is all about", I thought. "Moments like these are what make life worth living; simple pleasures!"

Get out there and enjoy summer before it leaves again!

Footnote: This took place 3 weeks ago, but both my hands and wrists are suffering from terrible arthritis pain now after my feeble attempts at rowing. Sometimes, it's maybe better NOT to try something new. Oh well! C'est la vie! This too shall pass.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It sounds like a perfect day. The laughter at not being able to row the boat only added to it.

A friend of mine and I went kayaking on a still and empty lake. Somehow I managed to bump into her a few times. I am not good with oars either.


hope your wrists and hands feel better soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am trying to enjoy every day of summer to the fullest but sometimes the heat makes it hard for me. I just think about how cold the winter will be and instantly I'm reminded how much I really do love summertime. I've only experienced rowing one time in my life and all I did was go around in circles. I prefer sitting and enjoying the sunshine ! Good for you for trying !

sabine ingerl said...

That sounds wonderful, a pleasure to remember in dark winter days. Rowing is great when somebody rows you. Mr. U. and I some day rowed a boat together on a small river. After only 5 minutes he decided that he rows the boat alone. Otherwise we had no chance to move forward. Enjoy your summer, dear Sandy!