Sunday, June 11, 2023

Happy June/Happy Pride

Sorry for my absence but my body hasn't been functioning as it should. An x-ray showed no arthritis in my hand 💁; so the next step is to see a neurologist. But after a 3 week head cold along with debilitating pain in my right hand and arm (to the point where I couldn't use it), I'm now beginning to feel better. Aging sucks!

I've eaten boring food and watched boring TV, so I've nothing exciting to share on that end. We've had 2 days of sunshine sandwiched by 16 days of cold and rain. Still I've gotten out for my brookside walks a number of times. It's fascinating to watch spring wake the earth: the unfurling of a fern or the lifecycle of a Dandelion bring such delight and hope.

And the community garden is coming along beautifully. It needs to be weeded again soon. But all the neighbours join me in saying what a joy it is to look outside and see the blooms (especially on these rainy days). 

The local committee has been doing inspections and repairs of the units. Mine is due to be painted very soon and I'll finally say goodbye to this sad, dingy yellow. Now, I'm someone who likes to surround herself with colour; but seeing as this space is much smaller for me and I have a lot of colour in my furniture and accessories, I have opted instead for a neutral white color! (My kids are shocked!) The colour I've chosen is called Persian Cat, and I like it because the sample seemed to change with the light; sometimes it had a slight green tint, other times a slight blue. Once the painting is finished, I have a few other small esthetic changes to bring to my space to make it more ME. 

I hope your health is good, my friends, and that summer has already arrived where you are. 

And a Happy Pride month to everyone. Remember: choose love. 

Namaste y'all! 💕



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope you have a good, pain-free summer! With some fun!

bahnwärterin said...

first - my best health wishes to you!!
the little flower bed looks lovely - the secret for less weeding is: plant as many flowers (best are perennials) as you can and plant them as closely together as possible :-D
good news about the renovation of your unit - wonderful new colour!
happy walking!


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