Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Decor

My baby came home from university Friday night. She's safe in Mama's arms again, talking non-stop and livening up the joint with her cheery disposition. While all the young'ens slept Sat morning, I cleaned and rearranged the living room and dining room. And I decorated for Easter!


I didn't remember to cut an Easter tree this year, so I have a bowlful of our blown eggs. I love putting them out! There are eggs that the children colored, one I did when I was pregnant with my baby, one that my eldest did for her Daddy when she was only 5. Such wonderful memories.

Then I just sprinkled downstairs surfaces with bunnies and eggs. I'm looking forward next weekend to celebrating the holiest of holy days as well as the most triumphant of triumphs with my little family. (And the yummy food and chocolate will be a treat as well!)


EmptyNester said...

Don't you LOVE it when the kids come home? Everyone is going to be here for Easter weekend! I'm so excited!

Garden of Egan said...

It looks like an explosion of Easterness!
I love it.

I love the eggs. What a priceless treasure!

wendy said...

I love Easter decorations and all the lovely pastel colors. AND GUESS WHAT....that photo at the top of the eggs, the one with the colored triangles all over it
well.....I have that EXACT egg

have a wonderful Easter Week, and Yes it is indeed a blessed day.

French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

Bonsoir and Merci ~ What a fun blog you have! We appreciate your visit, and are happy that you entered our "April In Paris" Giveaway Event. Wishing you the best of luck in the 2 remaining Giveaways! Au Revoir ~ Chelle