Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Back Again!

Summer is whizzing by. Don't go summer! I'm enjoying you sooo much this year!
(As evidenced by my new embarassing yet exhilarating profile picture of me coming down the slip 'n' slide).
Once again, I had a "To-Do" list; and there's so much I haven't managed to do. But this weekend, I took the time out to do the beach! On Sunday, Libby and I headed to Green Bay, her favorite spot because it's quiet and there aren't a lot of other people. In fact, there was just one other little family there that day besides us. I swam in the ocean -- so refreshing! And I ate potato chips and collected shells and Sand Dollars and read my book. It was glorious!
On my way back home, I got a call ..........

....................................... a call on the lobster phone!
Yup! One of the local churches was having a lobster sandwich supper. And I only felt it my duty to God to help with funding. We ate gorgeous lobster sandwiches with potato salad, coleslaw (prepared just the way I like it), fresh garden tomatoes, tea and the most delicious selection of homemade cakes. We sat with 3 friends, so all 5 of us shared our desserts. .
I can't believe how many times I've eaten lobster this year! But when the opportunity arises, my advice is to "Carpe crustaceum!"
Now that vacation time is done AND as I've only 2 more weeks of relative freedom before the beginning of school, I'll be 'scravelling' (as we say in Newfoundland) trying to catch-up at work, catch-up with blogging, sand and paint doors, stain little decks, organize for foreign daughters, help blood daughters either leave for school again or move back to begin school, and ....................

go to the beach as much as I possible (and eat more summer treats).

I refuse to say the "F" word yet!



❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Sounds like your having a great summer, along with great food! I love your new header:) Your posts are always a delightful treat to read.

Jill said...

A lobster roll is just not a lobster roll without a top slice bun!!! YUMM!!!

DearHelenHartman said...

I adore your new banner photo, wants me a lobster phone (Carpe crustacean - thems words to live by!)and am not afraid to say the F word - your blog is just plain FUN!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm still trying to enjoy summer too. I hate to even think about it leaving us. A lobster sandwich sounds heavenly! I've not had lobster in a very long time. Glad you've had some wonderful beach days!
Hope your Wednesday is a great one.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Seriously? A lobster phone? I don't know why that's so unbelievable - I have a corn phone - looks exactly an ear of corn just laying there.

Happy August 17th!

Saranne said...

LOVE your new banner just says it all! oxox

theelfqueen said...

The banner pic IS a riot. I am trying to hold onto summer but it's hard since my kids are on their third week back in school!

EmptyNester said...

Summer has been so brutally hot/humid down here that I would gladly welcome fall this very minute! I absolutely love the picture of you on the slip n slide! That's fantastic! You know how to have a good time!

Garden of Egan said...

I agree with the "F" word!
I'm not ready for the summer to be done. It was too short.

OK, you totally are my hero! I love the slip and slide picture! You absolutely are the funnest ever!

The beach sounds delightful and the lobster roll......never had one, but I love lobster.

Pamela Gordon said...

Haha! I love your enthusiasm! I haven't been to the beach this summer but then it's not been great beach weather and I'd have to travel 2 1/2 hours for the nice sand at Parlee Beach. I did make my own lobster roll with frozen lobster - almost the same as fresh. You sound like you'll be very busy til school starts. Have fun!

Blondee said...

That Slip and Slide picture is one of the very best pictures I have ever seen. You just rock!

Red said...

You have the right idea. Party til it's over. (Summer that is)

Pat MacKenzie said...

I've loved living down home vicariously through you this summer. I can almost taste the lucious lobster rolls. Enjoy every minute of the remaining summertime

Sweet Tea said...

I think we should start a movement, "Say NO to the F word!".
I'm with you on this one!!