Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday's Confessions on Sunday?

I didn't get to Thursday's Confessions until today. But it is Sunday, the Lord's Day, (early Sunday -- like 12:27 AM) AND Sunday seems like a perfect day to be confessing (unless you're Catholic and you need to sit in that little booth on a certain day of the week) AND I am drinking wine (which is mentioned a number of times in the Bible). So, perhaps if I take my biblical glass of vino and drag the computer into the closet, it'll be okay to be 3 days late for Thursday's Confessions? Anyway, here goes.


Jerusalem at the adventures of jolly goode gal is the host of Thursday's Confessions. And just like her, I too love using those little shower cap thingies on my bowls. My Mom used them when I was a little sprout; and my local Dollar Store has been carrying them for the past 3-4 years. They are great! Wonderful value for a buck (I've had my current 3-in-a-pack set for 3-4 years); they're quick 'n' easy; they can be stuffed down the side of your cookie sheet cupboard; they're washable and reusuable; and they come in different colors and patterns -- so they can be geared to your specific mood as you're putting the leftovers away! .

Also like Jerusalem, I love cotton nightgowns -- cool, breezy and oh so 60's! (And easily found at my local Frenchies.)


Unlike Jerusalem, my Saturday nights are usually spent elsewhere -- dances or art shows or movies or author readings (like tonight) and good food (like most nights). But sigh with relief and wipe your brow because similar to Jerusalem, Friday or Sunday nights will find me mending or patching in front of the telly watching BBC mysteries or classic novels.


Unlike Jerusalem (unless she's still holding some things back), you'll usually find a glass of wine nearby ... and sometimes a bowl of homemade popcorn. (Which means that I constantly have to be wiping my buttery 'n' salty fingers before I pick up my needle or patch. But the yum factor is worth the inconvenience!)

This one is pretty yummy!


And that, bloggies, is my Thursday confession on Sunday.


What? Not juicy enough for you? You were expecting something more risque?


Hey! I'm 56 years old with a thyroid condition and aching knees! The most risque thing that happens these days is when I flash myself in the full length mirror getting out of the bathtub. And that ain't so pretty!


If you want more confession, please visit Jerusalem at The Adventures of Jolly Goode Gal- Thursday's Confessions. It's one of my favorite blogs.


Now, I'm comin' out of the closet and going to bed. Night night!




DearHelenHartman said...

Oh the random flash of flesh! You're going along feeling 20ish maybe 30ish and then that darn mirror has to go and show you that the outsides don't match the insides! Have a happy Sunday.

Bonnie said...

Love the slip and slide picture....fabulous! Confession is good for the soul....or so they say!
I'll think of you tonight as I tend my glass of wine and knitting needles while watching Masterpiece Theater. Happy Sunday!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Love the new header pic. You are hilarious. Hate the sneak peak and reality check in the bathroom mirror too. It used to be primping in front of the mirror before heading out, now it is avoiding a glimpse to keep the younger me image that I have in my head. No wonder we drink wine!

EmptyNester said...

Such a cute post! Love the comment about flashing yourself! LOL

Garden of Egan said...

You are hilarious!
Great idea for the hair thingies.
Brilliant I say.

Melanie said...

You have the greatest sense of humor! I'm so glad I don't have a full-length mirror in either of my bathrooms...yikes! When I get out of the shower or tub in a hotel room and "face myself" in those big mirrors, it's a verrry scary sight!

PS - Love your header picture!