Sunday, March 9, 2014

Are you Sprung?

What a "large" day out there in Bridgewater NS folks:  blue skies, sunshine, positively balmy at -1 degree C.  Gorgeous!
The electric heat is turned off upstairs and the windows are all open just a crack to let in some fresh "air, air, air, for Lord's sake!" (in the words of Eloise's Nanny).

I'm spending the day gloriously alone just puttering around the house.  The laundry is in the washing machine --- and I may even hang a thing or two on the line (and bring it back in later stiff as a board).  I think I'll also shovel the snow off the back deck ... in anticipation of near(??) future blanket-covered, hatted 'n mittened coffee breaks.  Short coffee breaks. YES.  But ohhhhh!  The joy that thought brings to my heart.

We have sprung forward, people.  

No matter that we will see snow again this week:
We have sprung forward!
Spring Forward" by Mary Robertson


WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...

I was ready for it, having just gotten back from Florida! I packed away heavy cashmeres today. I just don't care - I hate them and was sick of them! I will regret that at some point in next 8 weeks, but as of today, not so much!


Will enjoy the next few days of warmer temps before MORE snow comes back in on Wednesday. LOVE the artwork. It's beautiful.

Miss Dishywoo said...

Same forecast here in Kentucky. Warm today and snow predicted for later in the week. Oh well. Your pictures are delightful!

sabine said...

A wonderful picture! I love the colors of spring.
We will not have snow any more. I'm nearly sure. The storks have come back again already.
Have a fine springtime Doris!

My Kurves said...

Enjoy your day and re-capture the hour we just lost. We had a beautiful day here in SFLA, Sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We sprung here too! Although the wind is still quite brisk we did have some sun and some snow melted.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am enjoying this bit of spring and refuse to listen to any more bad weather forecasts. No, no, it can't snow again.

Sweet Tea said...

Working on your tan, are ya? LOL. Oh Spring, come quickly!

Cheri said...

I used to love it when my gramma would bring in the stiff clothes off the line. Nice memory.