Friday, September 26, 2014

"Fall" into Reading

 I read all year round but Autumn really makes me feel like reading.

Tucked up on the couch on a blustery day, tea at hand, blanket over feet.  It's such a refreshing treat after the hussle and bustle and wonderful busyness of the summer.  

I've had a hard time settling into a book over the past couple of weeks.  I've begun several books just to find didn't feel right -- they weren't feeding my spirit at the place where it is now.  Then after the 4th time round the bookshelf, I grabbed a favorite author, Barbara Kingsolver, and am happily ensconced in this book. Have you read it?  Lots of good reviews.

Autumn is slowly (Thank you, Jesus) moving over Nova Scotia. We have cold mornings, warm days, and chilly evenings.  The leaves have begun changing color in earnest:  whereas a week ago, I found one or 2 trees changing, I'm aware of more and more on my daily drives home now.  I find myself wondering what weekend would be best for the annual drive to the Valley for apple picking, corn maze and the sheer delight of the colors going down the other side of the mountain.  

I also find my mind thinking of fall blankets and cushions.  The blankets are well taken care of:  I have a wonderful orange toned 100% wool throw that I found for a song at a yard sale a few years ago.  

But I've no fall colored cushions.  Not the end of the world, I realize.  But I think about checking out our local Wicker Emporium to see if they have any cushion covers on sale.  And I haven't been to Frenchies or The Daisy for a couple of weeks.  

Hmmm!  Sounds like a plan for the end of the work week!



As always I love your posts. Love the beautiful photos. I haven't read the book by Barbara Kingsolver but would like to. Saw it in a book store recently. Our weather in Ohio sounds similar to yours.
Nice sunny days, chilly evenings.
A good idea for fall pillows - those were lovely. Enjoy fall.
Hugs Barb


Your wool throw sounds perfect for the season. I love reading a good book with a cup of tea nearby, too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been much the same here with the warm afternoons. We've had a whole week of sunshine too and that is very unusual for us. I'm savoring these days as much as I can. I've always been a reader and I do so no matter what time of year, but like you am having a cozy throw and a cup of tea to go along with my reading.

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Hello, love cosying up under a blanket with tea and a good book too, we have had a storm going on outside this weekend, so that and candles lit really was nice. Trying to read Cecilia Samartin at the moment but can't seem to get into it. Ended up with Karin Brunk Holmquist, a favourite sweedish author. Wish you a lovely Autumn Sunday. Pam x

Kay said...

We sure did love Nova Scotia when we visited there. Everybody was so nice! And we loved dulse.

Those fall cushions are beautiful!