Monday, November 3, 2014

Body Talk

Rabbit, Rabbit!
I know, I know; I'm late by a few days. But I've had a flu bug for the past week and my body has found new places to ache. Yes, in addition to my usual chronic back and shoulder pain, I now have pain in other areas. Like my knee. 

What's with the knee hurting? I haven't done anything to that knee that would make it want to treat me this way.  At least, not in almost 40 years. (Minor car accident in 1978; hit knee on gear stick.)  I've thought about this a lot; and I have developed a theory that any place that was hurt or damaged in some way in my youth WILL exhibit arthritis in my older age.  That's the only explanation I can come up with.  

Yeah, I know! But lately it's not using very nice language.
It was raised better than that!

"I treat you well," I tell my body. "Other bodies would be proud to be treated the way you are! I don't binge drink or do drugs. I don't race cars.  I eat healthy food; for goodness sake, I'm almost vegetarian these days. And I give you all the dark chocolate you could possibly want.  (Yeah, sometimes just to shut you up.) I breathe deeply; I get bi-weekly massages; we have lengthy, rejuvenating epsom salts baths together with candle light and wine, I would remind you! I pray and meditate. I try to give you gentle exercise so you don't hurt: you know, an occasional walk, a little yoga. What more could you want, for goodness sake? Blood? You've got it!"

You know, this feels like a huge betrayal to me. I'd break up with my body ................ but I'm not a quitter.  We're in this together for life.  But if we could only just learn to be happy as we grow old together.

I found this site How Can I Love My Body When it Continues to Betray Me?   It made some very valid points -- like my body is doing the best it can do and how I need to look for things about my body that I can love and really shift the focus on what it does well. Okay:  here goes.
I Love my Heart.
It works really well, my heart. Day after day for the past 60 years, it has done it's job faithfully.  Even though it overflows with love for certain people, it can miraculously always find room to fit in someone else.  It contains a huge space for love of life; and the love of laughter space is enormous.  It even has a fair size space for forgiveness and one for mercy.  As well, it's open to receiving as well as to giving.  
Yup, I LOVE my heart!

And ya want to hear even more good news?

Therefore, in reverse: 
Behind every kind of pain, there is some beautiful thing!  




Jack said...

Hi, Sandy! I so feel you with this that I linked it on my own blog, By the way, I'm not doing this to advertise my blog here, so go ahead and delete this after you see it. And have a great day!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Bummer about the knee, but good for you for taking a positive view of your body. I'm glad your heart has been working well and it seems that your mind has been to with your witty, interesting posts.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our body does talk to us and very often I don't like what it says. My mom always used to tell me if you think you feel bad now, just will get worse. I am beginning to think she was right.


i know what you mean about the body betraying you. Frustrating, indeed.

Share my Garden said...

Dodgy old bones - tell me about it! I'm writing this with my right arm in a plaster - and I'm NOT left handed!