Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yes friends. Relief has been found in many ways; some of which I blush to think I didn't figure it out sooner. Mainly relief in how you treat an injury.

For years, what has worked for my back pain has been heat. I have a heating pad for my living room couch, one for my bedroom and one at work; and they have been God sends for me! However, did you know ('cause I sure missed that class!) that when your injury has flared up such as happened to me when the physiotherapist did her assessment that adding heat to the flareup is like heat upon heat as your injury is already inflamed.  So, it was no wonder I felt so bad the week after my 1st physio when I was using my heating pad. Duh! Doesn't it make sense? Why couldn't I figure that one out?

My massage therapist told me all this. Actually, she's been my biggest and best source of advice since I hurt my back. The emergency clinic doctors (like John Snow) know nothing!

I've been icing my back twice in the evening at home for 10 min intervals and I've improved so much. My back and shoulder pain are almost back to being manageable. 

Also, my physiotherapist told me to back off on all exercises for a while, and my acupuncture this week was just in one ear, the one that "responded" to the pain. 

It's a difficult lunch hour when you have to spend it sitting in a recliner with a needle sticking out of your ear and a trashy magazine and a fizzy water!

This has been a very stressful week all round: major car issues (will I have to buy a new one); sadness over students leaving (who's going to help me eat all the left over salad now, Chihiro? Will I have to throw it out?); anxiety over new ones coming (Will they eat like horses? Will they be noisy? Will they want to talk to me when I just want to veg?); not being able to watch 2 TV shows simultaneously and not having DVR privileges (Why must Agent Carter and DC Legends of Tomorrow be on at the same time?)

But as my back pain is very "vocal" at demanding my attention more than these other pressing matters, I sat up straight, breathed deeply and looked within for zen reminders. Reminders such as:

   "God loves you Sandy."
   "Your body is a temple so treat it gently and with respect."
   "You have Crave TV and Agent Carter can be found there."
"Go ahead and ignore those students." (Deep, deep, deep breath.) "They're only here short term and you've not quite earned enough selfish points for your 'Crotchity Senior' badge."

Ahhhhhhhh. That's better.

My little car limped home at 1 pm yesterday afternoon just as our latest snow storm was beginning. Annkatrin and I enjoyed an evening of SkipBo and laughter. And this morning at 7:30 am, my outside was a winter wonderland again with the promise of sunshine peeping through the trees.

Ahhhhh, a quiet morning in my chair with a delicious latte, the weekend paper and a few more deep breaths.

Life is not so bad after all when you have the luxury of warmth and comfort and a future that could bring recovery.

AND a good cup of coffee!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope you are soon better. Hopefully those treatments are going to help. Keep comfy and warm and don't worry about the snow.

Linda said...

Oh my goodness! Wishing you good health soon. Sounds like you're on the right track; I never knew that about heat vs. ice. Thank you for the info. Good luck with the acupuncture....and the new car. Enjoy the peace and quiet when you can.