Monday, April 2, 2018

Now everyone will want a basket of beer!

The Easter Bunny found me and blessed me with things from Nova Scotia found in Newfoundland. 

One of my favorite beers is St Ambroise apricot wheat ale from  what is known as "Quebec's foremost micro-brewery". Unfortunately, like so many things, I have been unable to buy it in Newfoundland for the past 2 years (despite my many attempts to talk the liquor commission into it). Imagine my delight when I found a few cans of it last week; a speciality product brought in to test the waters, so to speak. 

The other thing I'd been wanting to try was Peace by Chocolate, a small chocolate company started the year I left by an immigrant Syrian family that had moved to rural NS. They've become quite a success! This year, Sobey's Stores started carrying the chocolate; and again, I was fortunate to find a box on our shelves here. It wasn't cheap: roughly about $14 plus tax for 14 pieces. 
But oh my! They were worth the price! What lovely chocolates they were: all solid, a mixture of white, milk and dark, and all different flavors and/or different nuts. Yummy!

The little green bird on top of my Easter treasure basket was a thrift store find in the fall; it lights up!

I had a quiet long weekend with several brisk "spring" walks, some baking and lots of Netflix. But the best part of the weekend was getting together with family at my Dad's house. We're aren't a close family, and it's often really difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules. But we did it yesterday; and my Dad was really pleased. 

Thank you Peanut Blossom
for use of your picture.
We feasted on ham, potatoes a gratin, mac 'n' cheese, caesar salad, and fresh potato rolls. I made a sangria from my Dad's homemade white wine, and we had a delicious pineapple carrot cake with cream cheese icing for dessert. It was a really lovely time. 

Now it's back to work and back to working out spring.  The night time temperatures this weekend were quite cold, and we woke to snow this morning. But the sun is shining brightly out there now! Lots of people are commenting on an anticipated heavy snow fall this Wednesday.

To those Negative Nancys I say:
"Consult your bathroom bugs! 
Winter is beaten, people! 
It just hasn't shut-up about it!"


Jeanie said...

Sounds pretty terrific to me! Rick had some wine and pasta in his Easter basket. Bunnies are much wiser than they used to be!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice you had such a great Easter ! I love your Easter basket ! Getting back to normal here too and we also have snow in our forecast. Probably not as much as you but then snow is snow...


a lovely easter basket for sure. enjoy.

Vonlipi said...

Let me know if you want some St-Ambroise I think I can send some safely to you....