Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Today, I'm taking a page out of Marie's blog posts and copying her format for "The Simple Woman's Daybook".

Outside my window: It's a light day; the sun is up there somewhere behind the clouds, but at least it's not snowing again. Still, there's no snow on the roads or sidewalks, so I've been able to walk most days.

I am thinking: I may look for a local TOPS group to join. Blame it on my new laid-back lifestyle here in NL, on the lengthy winter and extremely cold temperatures, my aging body or my lethargy, but I've gained weight this winter and my wardrobe does not appreciate it nor will my pocket book be able to take it! In my 80% solitary life, I'm not able to police myself effectively, but I know that I always do better it if I have supportive people around me. WW is too expensive and restrictive (I don't do low-fat or low-cal or chemically calorie reduced stuff at all. Toxic!). And I lost weight was part of TOPS 8 yr ago with a friend; so it's worth another try, I think. [And I may meet more friends!!!]

In the kitchen: My favorite weekend meal was a pan of oven roasted veg (onions, sweet potatoes, carrots and peppers) topped with a broccoli/cheese stuffed chicken breast. It was so juicy and delicious. I'm also dreaming about the perri-peri spatchcocked chicken I plan on making tomorrow. (I think about food a lot; thought often becomes action -- hence my weight gain!)

Something to Watch: I found a great German series on Netflix last weekend called "Dark". It's dubbed to English; so even though that means it's easier to follow and you don't have to read subtitles, the inflections and such in the dialogue are a little bizarre. However, the story line, acting and cinematography is fantastic. It's a mystery that has a touch of the supernatural (but not scary); sort of like 'Stranger Things' or the older 'Twin Peaks'. Very addictive!

Corners of my kingdom: This Friday past, I got together for dinner with old high school buddies, some of whom I hadn't seen in 46 years. How wonderful it is to sit after that long and feel as if there have been no breaks in your relationship, to feel that relaxed calm that comes from spending time with a trusted friend. It was warm and fuzzy and so wonderful!

Then on Saturday, I took part in the annual Rehtaeh Parsons walk here at work to bring focus to cyber bullying and suicide. Progress is often long and arduous when it comes to women's causes. :(  But as the mother of 4 females and as someone who made it through the gropings and cat calls of the 70's, 80's and 90's, I thank God that I can be part of the new voices calling for respect and equality.

Good to Know: 

Speak kindly to yourself. 

Stay healthy! 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Every winter I gain weight, but usually it comes off with all the activity that nicer weather brings. One of my DIL's has had great success in Weight Watchers. She needs the extra support it gives. It is easier when you have people to encourage you. Snow is in our forecast today but only showers and no accumulation. I am so in need of warmer weather !

Barbara said...

I love watching foreign movies on Netflix. Thanks for the heads up, I'll put Dark on my to-watch menu.