Friday, October 19, 2018

Autumnal and Canna- Bliss!

Well, unless you're living on another planet, you know that as of this past Wednesday, October 17th, cannabis is legal in Canada. I personally think that this is welcome news. I know it's wonderful for pain management, and I have many friends who have been using it for a number of years for everything from arthritis and fibromyalgia to skin cancer with fantastic results. I have no problem with people using it recreationally as well, but I'm super, super excited to see what medical research will uncover in the coming years. 

I've been quite busy with my 88 yr old father for the past month. He's in really good health, but like all of us going through the aging process, he has great ideas but little stamina to follow through all the way. So, we've made pickled beets together, racked his wine, flipped his mattress and re-arranged the bedroom, and hung out and laughed. He's such a character with a wild past and lots of great stories to tell.

I had another 2 week long bout of 'hiraeth' for Nova Scotia; I viserally ache for my other home, for the familiarity of daily life there, and for the people and the things we'd do together. July past marked 2 years back here, and I'm pretty sure that I'll stay put here in Newfoundland: I'm getting better at seeing and acknowledging the blessings of being home as well as acceptance for 'la différence'. But the nostalgia and longing still hit me ..... and so I mourn.

The leaves are almost all yellow now; the temperatures are colder, and I saw a sprinkling of snow on cars this morning that drove into town from the mountain. Brrr! The flannels are on the bed, throws on the couch and I'm wearing socks and enclosed shoes. (Drat!!)

But ahhhhh! There's such freshness and crispness in the air that I don't mind the change at all. Ciao bellas! Happy Weekend!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's wonderful that you can help your dad out. I know that as I age I appreciate help when I can get it, but I'm in my 70's and not 80's so I can still do a lot on my own. I've always lived in the same town for most my life but I do get a longing for where my grandparent's lived on a farm in the country now and then. I know it's been quite an adjustment for you, but you do seem to be doing very well there. It was summer and suddenly when fall came we got cold. There were few really nice in between days. It was hot, now it's cold and I'm snuggling in. No snow here yet but they say we could have a chance of it this weekend.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is wonderful that you are there for your dad. Although you miss your other home, these days with him are precious and more memories can be made.