Monday, October 22, 2018

Fly Your Autumn Freak Flag!

 When I think of the perfect autumn day, it involves crisp cold air, lots of color, and warm, soothing, comfort food. My weekend involved all of these and more.

It was Pride week here in CB. So, in anticipation of the Parade on Saturday, I painted my hair several colors. (It washes out after half a dozen shampoos.) This was met by lots of positive comments by co-workers and other like-minded people. Unfortunately, most of Saturday was pretty heavy rain, so I didn't venture out to walk; instead I cleaned house and cooked. I made granola bars and my favorite energy balls; and I used the leftover melted chocolate to coat some pretzels. Then I made a delicious pot of beef stew with a thick, aromatic broth. 
The secret to my delicious broth is that I add a single cube of Japanese curry/ flavor stock. These cubes make an amazing, dark, rich, sweet curry. But .... if you just want to add a touch of rich flavor and color, tossing in just a single cube (or even  half) does just that. Perfect for fall and winter meals.

 Sunday morning I woke early, and at about 10 am, the sun came out. So, before Mother Nature had a chance to change her mind, I took myself on a long rambling walk on the trail behind my house. The brooks were overflowing after all the heavy rain; I stopped twice to take in the mini waterfalls. 
The trees were so thick that at times it was like walking through a golden bower interspersed with shades of green, orange, rust and the occasional red. Near the park bench where I usually stop, I found these little treasures atop a boulder. 
And in spite of Mother Nature preparing for her long, barren hibernation period, she still presented me with a wealth of beauty; so at this time of year, whenever I walk I pick myself a bouquet to brighten my own home. People in rural Newfoundland tend to be pretty conservative and certainly set in their ways. Most walkers will greet each other as they pass; and although we exchange hellos, I've gotten quite a few 'interesting' looks from others. 

After it happened twice yesterday (dressed in my bright teal hiking sneakers, black and white polka dot leggings, burgundy jacket, red headband, tri-color hair and carrying a mixture of dying leaves and flowers), I laughed to myself and thought "I guess I'm going to be 'that weird old lady' that lives down the road!" Doesn't every small community have one of those?  

But ya know what? 
I really don't mind if that's what people are thinking! 
This is me! Sometimes I'm weird! 
And fortunately, at this age, I have enough self-confidence to be comfortable in being who I am and to embrace my own wonderful weirdness.  

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mxtodis123 said...

Love this post and love your hair. If I didn't have to strip mine out to do so, I would have it colored like that. As it stands I just stick with a coppery red. I'm 71 now and refuse to act and dress my age. Never going to get old.