Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Green Festival July 23.11

Bridgewater hosted it's 2nd Green Festival this past Saturday. The local community wants to bring even more awareness to taking care of earth and body through clean eating, drinking, living, etc. I was there by 9 am, bought myself a chocolate-dipped "waffle on a stick" and a most excellent cup of French roast coffee and sat to enjoy some of the local talent before the Town Crier announced the Street Parade. .
The parade was darling; lots of kiddies out on trikes and in the cutest butterfly and wizard costumes, among others..

There were vendors talking on clean drinking water, a bus system for the area to link the local villages, endangered species, etc. This lady had a wonderful display of felted items, and although I fell in love with the green purse with the blue flower, I only purchased a couple of felted flowers. .
This yurt (without it's outer walls) interested me and I spent some time talking to the young couple inside. They are currently building a 12 x 12 yurt and will live there this winter with their 3 yr old boy. Beautiful design! But I don't think I'll be moving any time soon!.

After indulging myself that morning, I scooted up the hill to help man the tables for our community garden's "Hodge Podge" luncheon. For Hodge Podge, you cook up fresh, baby vegetables, lightly season them and pour on the cream. Yum yum! So delicious! This free luncheon was open to the public as an introduction to our community garden. We also offered fresh rolls, watermelon and strawberries, fresh pressed local cider, blueberry and cherry juice and cake.


We had music; and for the young (or young at heart), we had a water slide down the side of the hill. Hmmmm! That was one of the things on my bucket list. So guess who took the plunge? AND I successfully encouraged 4 other ladies over 50 to join in.


But as I can't slide and take pictures at the same time, the proof will hopefully follow. It was such fun!



Janet said...

Wow - you had a very busy Saturday :)

Looks like it was a fun time at the festival - and I'm so happy to hear you took the slide, can't wait for the pics.

poppilinnstudios said...

What fun! Can't wait for the photos of you sliding down the hill!

Pamela Gordon said...

What a great event! It sounds like you had a fun day and the food sounds so yummy. You really need to post the picture of you sliding ok? Great fun!

Sweet Tea said...

Good for you for "sliding" something off your Bucket List...I love local festivals. They have a certain flair that BIG, orchestrated ones sometime lack. Great photos!

Red said...

For a minute I thought it said pour on the "ice" cream on the new veggies. My puzzler was really going. Spounds like a great time.

DearHelenHartman said...

What fun! Especially the slide - you know at a certain point in life you realize it's all downhill so you might as well throw up your arms and say Wheeeeeeeee!

Pat MacKenzie said...

Oh, hodge podge! I absolutely love that stuff. I think I'll go to a farmer's market for fresh vegs and make some. It must be a NS thing as I never hear of it out here.

One of the nicest things about living in or visiting Nova Scotia in the summer is driving up and down the valleys stopping at the local communities for their strawberry teas and lobster boils.

I really need to go back...soon!