Friday, July 8, 2011

Music is love in search of a word. ~Sidney Lanier

You know how sometimes you hear a bit of music on the radio and think "Hey! That's a nice song". And then quite a while later, you hear a different song; and you wonder if you've heard that voice before and you think "Hey! That's kinda nice". And then one day when you've wandered down a few rabbit trails on U-Tube you suddenly find the voice! So, you watch a whole bunch of videos; and you discover that besides the voice, there's this amazing musical talent ... and this cute little chipmunk face and a head full of dark curls to go with the voice.
And so you listen some more until it hits you: "I'm in love!!!"
And he doesn't even know I exist!
But that's okay! Cause after all: he's just a young pup; while I'm a round, wrinkling, mature female who just wants a platonic relationship with him anyway. So, I think I'll just use the boy for his music.

Jeremy Fisher (born Jeremy Binns, December 15, 1976, Hamilton, Ontario) is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Quebec. Fisher's work is heavily influenced by folk and blues music, and his songs feature accompaniment by acoustic guitar, slide guitar and harmonica.

And then I find out that his mother is from Newfoundland; so it all makes sense! Of course he's great and I'm in love!


janjan said...


is there a Dylan influence in there as well.
I think I'll be taking a stroll through you tube to see what else there is on his music.

Red said...

I like your playful dealing with a topic that is out there all the time and people do not want to admit it to themselves or others. A fun playful post which fits in with Aging Gracelessly! Thanks.