Thursday, May 19, 2011

Any company out there for my misery??


I'm not sure how many of you have been experiencing problems with Blogger lately. I've heard a lot of people mention it, and I myself have had a number of minor glitches which lasted for anywhere from an hour to a day.


But this weekend, something extremely odd happened.


On my home computer, I can go to my blog's home page, but I'm unable to redirect to go to my Dashboard, My Account, etc. When I try, I get a Google 414 error message that says that the uri is too long. With my very limited computer knowledge, I've tried to fix it. With her slightly impressive knowledge, my daughter has tried to fix it. I even called my server and they have no answers for me. It's a stumper!


But the really odd thing is that I'm able to access everything from my blog on my work computer! I came in early yesterday, so I posted from here. And today, I'm posting from work. But I can't keep coming in early and using the work computer; that's just not kosher! And if the problem isn't remedied, I'll have to give up my blog. So, I'm hoping that it's Blogger related.


I'm looking for anyone else out there who may be having the same problem. Send me an email if you can or leave a message on this post.


That is, as long as I can continue to access my blog on other computers!



PhilipH said...

Hmm ... it looks as though you have some virus on your home pc. If you can access blogger OK from the works computer then, in my opinion, your home computer has a problem.
Try running a virus/trojan scan at home. Sorry if this hasn't helped but logically it looks as though it is NOT blogger's fault.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm no help there at all but I sure hope your can remedy the situation. Having to give up your blog would not be good at all. Blogger has had problems but if work lets you in, I think maybe it is your home computer. Hope it gets fixed for you soon!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I've done a virus/trojan scan and nothing comes up. As well, nothing else on my computer is affected except for Blogger.

PhilipH said...

Sorry Doris, no idea other than earlier comment. I've searched google/blogger for the URl 414 and also for URL too long etc. Neither is found in the help sections. It looks dodgy to me mainly because the message "URI" SHOULD BE URL in part of the "error message".
Maybe you should set up a new blog account and start afresh if you cannot track down the gremlin in your home computer. Good luck, Phil.

Nezzy said...

Blogger had this very same problem about a week ago and it took over 48 hours for them to correct.

I go to the Blogger forums and usually you'll find a list of people havin' the same problems...if not it is within your computer.

Your work computer probably uses a different server than you use at home which could make the difference.

Good luck hon...this are the days that try Bloggers hearts!

God bless ya! :o)

Pam said...

Have not had that problem. Did you upgrade your Explorer version lately? They have been advertising Explorer 9 lately and I know I had some problems with that (doesn't work with Blogger). Do you have the same Firefox, Chrome or Explorer or whatever on your office computer as you do at home (browser may be the word I'm looking for)?

Barb said...

I was unable to access your blog by the usual route but finally went on your profile and clicked on web page to get here. I know Blogger was down a few days ago for quite a while fixing some bugs. Hope you get the problem solved soon.