Friday, May 20, 2011

A Royal Beauty!

(Doris the Great here, reporting surreptitiously from behind the filing cabinet at work! Shhhhh!!)

Both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon brought actual sunshine in Nova Scotia. And who was at work, hmmm? Back to rain today and tomorrow! OH WOE IS ME!!
My flower beds are in dire need of weeding. But of course, that also means that there's lots growing. The tulips are on their last legs and the creeping phlox are just starting to bloom. Some of my Primula plants have bloomed and left, but most will all open this Sunday when we see sunshine again. But look at this lovely vision in purple that I found hiding out in the side bed.

Three years ago, I bought some seed plants from a local nursery which were labelled "Primula". This is the first one ever to bloom and isn't she pretty! As you can see, the leaves are smooth and a lime-green color -- unlike the other Primula I have growing. Perhaps it was labelled incorrectly? Perhaps it's just another variety?
Either way, "a primula by any other name would look as sweet!"

Happy gardening!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been so terribly wet here that little gardening has happened here at my house. I'm glad for the most part everything comes up all by itself every year and those plants are doing well but the weeds are also growing and need some attention. Your flower in the picture is just beautiful! Hope your Friday is a great one!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful primula and I like the lime green leaves. We are hoping for rain but none is in our forecast for a week and that is looking like only 20% right now. I'm dragging the garden hose and sprinkler around the yard almost every day watering different gardens every other day. Enjoy your weekend.

Garden of Egan said...

I love the reporting from your desk. You are a master my friend.

Beautiful flowers.
I love the rich purple.

Ya, what is with the weather???? I'm ready to put in a complaint at the service department!

Paula said...

Love this darling flower! it is cold here too - thanks for brightening my day with your post and your header! Paula from Idaho

Sweet Tea said...

Very pretty and unsual to my eyes.
Thanks for letting us "peek-a-boo" in your garden.

Val said...

Love your gardens and flowers! Purple is my favorite!

Kelly L said...

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Terra said...

Gorgeous purple and white primula.

CIELO said...

Love your sense of humor and zest for life.... a big hurrah to you!